Paleo Recipes – How to Make Coconut Oil Coffee

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Watch how to turn regular coffee into an incredibly rich treat. The secret is coconut oil and unsalted organic butter. Whirl the ingredients together with hot coffee in a blender until smooth and creamy. It’s always delicious as a morning eye-opener but rich and creamy enough for dessert.

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40 Replies to “Paleo Recipes – How to Make Coconut Oil Coffee”

  1. Mcmyou1

    Do you drink this in the morning instead of having breakfast or do you drink it along with a balanced breakfast? I wanted to try this today but I woke up feeling really hungry so didn't know what would be best (skipped dinner yesterday) also will I still get some benefits from this if I don't add butter? or use dairy free butter?

  2. Fairuz Ahmed

    Hello, I just started Paleo, still am but confused about some stuff. If coffee allowed? If yes then how many cups max? My prime reason is to loose weight and regain health. Will this aid in w loss? 

  3. honkskillet

    This looks tasty but make sure you know how what you are consuming.  If you follow this recipe exactly, you will make a drink that is 2 cups = 16 ounces =  1 starbucks grande size.  I tbs of butter has 102 calories and 1 tbs of coconut oil has 117 calories.  Hence, this recipe will make you a single 438 calorie grande sized drink.  That's a lot of calories for a beverage!  For reference, a big mac has 550 calories.

  4. otto man

    i use coconut oil daily. wondering why butter and coconut in coffee is like an ACID BOMB in the stomach? several friends give the same testimony? Maybe you can give some info? It's like it increases the acid in coffee beyond normal. 

  5. Elissa Celino (KizzMyCntryAzz)

    Wow one deadly cup of coffee coconut lard or oil not good that's why they took it out of the movie theaters they used to pop their popcorn in it was delicious but not healthy. And as for butter is full of cholesterol and high proteins. I have been drinking coffee since I was 16 years old and that my friend is a nasty cup

  6. TheQueenKat

    The whiners and complainers crack me up. Most frappucino drinks from Starbucks are a zillion calories and high in fat, like enough for one full days worth in food. And most people at least add cream and sugar to their coffee…do they really not know that cream and sugar have FAT and CALORIES. Whoa, dude.

    Coconut oil and real butter are actually good for you, in moderation. Check out the Weston A. Price Foundation for more facts and research! 

  7. MsJM

    I have put a little (maybe a teaspoon or 2 at most) coconut oil in my coffee and I like that (makes it a very rich treat but still needs sugar for my sweet-tooth)  but I don't think I'd want to add butter too!

  8. dannikinso

    It's called bulletproof coffee (google it). They say that starting your day with healthy fats will improve your energy, cut cravings, and create fat loss over time. Generally just better for you than drinking a bunch of whipped cream and sugar. 

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