My 8 hour diet-before and after pictures for 2016-intermittent fasting,paleo

I’m a fan of the 8 hour diet and the skills it teaches to help you lose weight. This is my most current 2015 8 hour diet video. Take a look.
highlighter here is the technique of intermittent fasting, and how to use it to lose weight.

Here is the link to my newest follow up to this video: with before and after pictures of me at my heaviest and my new weight

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  1. Christian Koehler

    The concept is similar to marathon training. An important part of the training is the weekly long run. Last meal on saturday at 5 or 6 pm. Drink enough water on sunday morning and do a long run preferrably BEFORE BREKFAST (maybe 15 miles) at a low to medium (relative to your performance) pace. The body has to speed-up fat burning to do this.This is important because the body cannot store enough carbs to run a full marathon, no matter what you eat before the race. If your body is not trained well enough to use fat, you will suffer badly during the second half of the race. You will find yourself walking for many miles, maybe you won't make it to the finish line at all. Just about every book abaout running recommends long runs to prevent this problem. It is decades-long experience. It has helped many people to finish sucessfully. And it helps to keep a good body weight, of course.

  2. Christian Koehler

    I have done this for years without even knowing it. Lunch at 11:30 a.m. in the office, evening meal at 6:30 p.m. at home, no other meals, just water.  Exercise in the morning: Swimming 30 minutes 3x per week at the beginning, later 60 minutes running 4x per week.This reduced my BMI from 32 to 21.7 (65 pounds less!) in 3 years and I have been able to keep it stable for years. Before that I used to have head aches, backpain, pyrosis and depression and I was barely capable of running 2 minutes. The health issues and depression just "faded away" and I finished a 10k run in less than 45 minutes and a marathon in less than 4 hours.

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