My 150 Pound Weight loss Transformation (Before & After Pictures)

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Got the courage to share my weight loss journey. Lost 130 pounds in 1 year, 150 total! I hope my weight loss journey can inspire others out there struggling just as I was my entire life. I know well it isn’t easy, but It is definitely possible and you can do it too! Stay strong & never give up! Consistency is the real key to successfully losing weight! Thank you for watching~

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42 Replies to “My 150 Pound Weight loss Transformation (Before & After Pictures)”

  1. Ramon Pagan

    you inspire me I going to make my transformation .,my weight is 320 pounds just like you were ,my new year resolution 2017 is to lose all this weight thanks sooo much your sooo beautiful God bless.

  2. Roderick Bush

    WOW, that was an AWESOME, AMAZING, HISTORIC achievement! I'm very proud of you. You truly have an goal setting mind and a true go getter.
    And for the people that dislike what you've accomplished, it shows that you're a successor and they envy you. Don't stop making it happen, keep the haters hating, cause that's when you know you're successful

  3. Jackie Laster

    I clicked the sono Bella website and this came up. They do lipo. But if that's what she did it wouldn't have taken that long to get it together. I think. PEOPLE you can lose weight with changing the way you eat and exercise. NO SURGERY NEEDED!

  4. Pug lady

    you have that beautiful hour glass figure so you did not even look hideous or overweight but you wanted to do this for yourself so I congratulate you on your success , well done …inspirational. I need to lose just over 100 pounds myself . wish me luck x

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