LOW CARB diets for weight loss

Low carb diets for weight loss for men and women are a a popular topic of conversation among the health and fitness community. Whether the benefits of a low carb diet out weigh any drawbacks of low carb eating plans is also a hot topic. Watch this video to find out more about low carb diets and low carb weight loss plans.


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  2. Melanie Violet

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  3. fidy

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  7. Jan K Wilson

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  8. Bipana Ghimire

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  9. belarus1209

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  10. RichWellness

    I've an issue with juicing in that u remove a lot of fibre & therefore end up consuming more of the product. If you are careful & use mostly veggies and not too much fruit, it could be an option for on the go but I wouldn’t do it all the time. Fruit wise, u should aim 2 consume darker fruits or citrus fruits as they contain less sugar & more antioxidants. Try to limit fruit to no more than 2 portions a day if you are watching your weight. Fill up on protein, good fats & non starchy veg.

  11. Mohsin Hassan

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  12. Milos Novcic

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  13. RichWellness

    don’t worry about carbs grams just eat the non starchy/sugary kind & let your body regulate itself. Training wise try eccentric or HIIT training to kick off your metabolism. Do some 'grounding' (bare foot walking) – restore your energy levels regularly. It's important to distress & not worry too much about weight, you will find you get plateaus, intermittent fasting is good & you could try upping your antioxidants (blueberries/strawberries/green tea/coffee). Stick with it and be happy

  14. Homero

    Rich thanks for the video. The first time i did low carb i lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks then a few months later i did it again for 2 weeks and lost 10 then 8 just doing it for 2 weeks at a time, it is difficult for me to stick to it long term on atkins at 40 g of carbs per day. Although i find that i am no longer able to lose on low carb, low cal and exercise and my thyroid is ok, do you have any suggestions for me? btw your videos would get more views if you had the right tags on them imo

  15. Arya Tatsuya

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  16. ravendream33

    Ayurvedic body constituitions, types in Chinese Medicine…centuries old. I argue behind their viewpoint. I have taken advice from these practitioners with great success. Fruit diet was very deficient. 

  17. JonasSunshine

    ONLY. your brain works different i get it. nobody said avoid greens and fats(included in overt and covert)
    try non absolutism and less blame
    as each person is capable of exhibiting behaviors , i have seen many rash and irrational behaviors and lashing out from you and i don't even know you. but i've seen the pattern in others but you do exist unique .
    spade a spade 

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