Healthy Paleo Brownies Recipe

A healthier brownie that is paleo/gluten free but don’t be fooled! These are incredibly moist with an intense chocolate flavor!

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2 c chopped medjool dates
2 tb hot water
1/2 c raw honey
2 ts vanilla extract
1 tb baking powder
1/2 tb baking soda
1 1/4 c unsweetened cocoa
1/4 ts sea salt
2 room temperature eggs
1/2 c coconut oil or unsweetened applesauce
Melted dark chocolate {optional}

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32 Replies to “Healthy Paleo Brownies Recipe”

  1. Robin B

    I made this recipe this evening, it's is absolutley amazing! By far the best paleo-friendly brownie recipe I've tried. The browinies are so moist and chewy, no dry crumbly texture at all. I made just a few additions to the recipe and that was 200g of melted dark chocolate with a few drops of salted caramel extract, which I stirred into the mixture before baking. I also used only about 3/4 the amount of coco powder. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  2. Daniel Morel

    I've made those 3 times so far and they're the perfect cravings buster. One tiny piece after dinner and I'm not thinking sweets or food until the next day. Not more late night sweets or salty cravings. Thanks

  3. PerfectFringe

    Just wanted to say Ive made this many times since watching this video and its amazing, I gave up processed sugar over 9 months ago and when I need something sweet but natural this is my go-to life saver! Pour into muffin cups to make little muffins too!


    I'm sorry that I never let you know how super amazing these brownies were…we absolutely loved them=). Question though: How would I use date sugar in these? I have two bags of organic date sugar that I've had for quite a while now that I really need to use up.

  5. Kylie Santos

    I love your videos soo much! I'll definitely try to make these for a close friend of mine who's started a paleo diet but I was just wondering if I could mix in some dark chocolate chips into the brownies before I bake them?

  6. Audaerin exe

    Didn't watch entire video but you're so taken with dates. Any one looking to try dates for the first time buy yourself some nice juicy medooj Dates. Be sure that they are not dried out. Pair these with walnut halves. Amazing.

    I'm not a huge fan of using dates to sweeten stuff but this sounds like a decent idea, will try.

  7. Bobbi Clinger

    I waited 7 months to make these and…OMG…these things are INSANELY delicious! I have never, ever had an"alternative" brownie turn out like these did. I could take these to any event and no one would know they aren't the "real" thing. That's a first. Over the years, I have wasted LOTS of ingredients on mediocre alternatives to regular brownie recipes. This is the first one that was NOT a waste! They melt in your mouth – literally – turning into something like the best fudge you've ever had as if by alchemy. Crazy.

    I did do some modification to avoid the chunks of dates, and I used Grade B maple syrup. I just tossed the dates, water and syrup into my food processor til well broken down, then tossed in the eggs and oil and made it a bit smoother. Mixed the remainder of stuff by hand. THANK YOU, SQUISHYMONSTER!

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