Healthy Eating Habits


I believe good health is the most important thing in life – because it gives you freedom. Freedom to pursue your dreams and do all the things that poor health won’t permit. Any significant health problem, chronic or acute, will bring your life balance out of order. Not just your own bodily balance but everything and anybody you normally interact with will be affected. Many of your relationships and activities will suffer in some way.

I think anybody who seriously tried living healthier through a better diet, proper physical activity, adequate rest, and by addressing mental and spiritual factors have experienced a vast range of natural health benefits. Common benefits are overall better health and a sense of well being, better sleep, improved physical endurance and strength, sharper mental abilities and lower sleep requirements.

What constitutes a healthy diet?

Unfortunately, there are more opinions about this than there are health experts. To further complicate the matter, dietary concepts change over time, leaving most people confused and uncertain about what or whom to trust. Along with personal experimentation, such approach will enable you to establish proper eating habits that work especially well for your body. This takes time and energy, but considering the long lasting benefits a healthy diet can provide, the effort is more then well worth it. For 99.9% of human existence, our species lived on foods that were either raw or minimally processed. The technology needed to increase food processing did not exist until very recently. It is therefore reasonable to assume that our bodies are best adapted at utilizing and dealing with the raw or minimally processed foods which sustained us, and our predecessors, for millions of years: fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds. A good diet is based on natural, whole or minimally processed foods.

A large portion of it should consist of foods that can be eaten raw, such as fruits and vegetables. Fermented or cultured, unpasteurized foods such as kefir, yogurt, cheeses, miso, sauerkraut and pickles are considered highly beneficial in many cultures. Cooking should be minimal and only applied to foods that must be cooked in order to be edible. Ancestral heritage also plays an important role as certain foods may need to be excluded or emphasized. Maintaining healthy routined diet can make enormous improvements to ones health, it’s only one essential part of healthy living. The other parts are proper and adeqaute physical activity, mental and spiritual well being, and adequate rest. All need to be addressed in order to achieve better health. An important thing I learned while experimenting with diets and other health related approaches is to always pay attention to the signals from the body. It’s essential to do this – in order to maintain good health – and adjust accordingly. As one gets better at reading the body, it becomes natural to self diagnose a lot of minor problems (which can become major if not paid attention to) and remedy them by simply adjusting the diet or other aspects of life. Finally, we are all different – what works for one person may not work for another – thus it’s important to learn about and experiment with nutrition to find out what works and what does not.


Source by Indrani Bhattacherjee

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