Exposing Paleo Diet Author Diane Sanfilippo & others Episode # 16

Episode #16 “We discuss Diane Sanfilippo and other Paleo Diet Authors whose books and recipes. We expose Diane Sanfilippo recipes and talk specifically about how they wreck blood sugar, stall weight loss, and can even make you gain weight. We also cover a number of other Paleo Diet authors and bloggers and keep them honest.” The Primal Show with Former FDA Investigator & Author Gary Collins, Owner Nicole Hellendoorn of California Paleo Kitchens & CEO Of Julian Bakery, Inc. Heath Squier talk about how Diane Sanfilippos 21 day sugar detox is not a sustainable plan. We also discuss Diane’s Practical Paleo Book and how to modify recipes for optimal health and weight loss. We shed light on why The Paleo Community is broken and what can be done to get it back on track .”

This episode is a direct response to the critical attacks we received from Diane Sanfilippo after posting episode #15 where we talked about Diane and Jimmy Moore’s failed diet.

Great Message From One Of Diane Sanfilippo former workout buddies
at her Crossfit Gym: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BwJYse6CUAAskry.jpg:large

Heath Squier Before & After Picture & Diet

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8 Replies to “Exposing Paleo Diet Author Diane Sanfilippo & others Episode # 16”

  1. Ami Lee

    Where can I find more information that you're mentioning about blood sugar? I have been paleo since August. Haven't lost any weight even though I have plenty to lose. I have been hypoglycemic since 15 so I'd really like to read on a better way to manage my blood sugar rather than eating potatoes frequently. When I'm really low carb I have no energy which seems the opposite of what you're saying should happen. I limit paleo treats and know the extreme difference my diet is from a year ago and think I should've seen some difference. Any advice or things to research would be very appreciated. Thank you. 

  2. Mel Joy

    Rant on!:) I first got started with low carb listening to Jimmy Moore. Then I heard about Mark Sisson and got started with Paleo. Fast forward a few years and I'm so confused. I listen to Balanced Bites, Paleo Parents, etc. Now diary is ok, beans are ok, rice is ok and now I've even heard them say that bread and gluten (sprouted of course) is ok if you tolerate it well!!!! What? That's Paleo? It's gotten c-r-a-z-y.

  3. Theresa Mayet

    So if you're against all these "Paleo" baked good and such why do you sell so much of it on your site? Including the Practical Paleo book and a Desserts book? What makes your stuff different or should I say superior to the others? 

  4. Rana Cjp

    Awesome show lady & gents!! I've been Paleo for shy if 2 mo. I am diabetic, reflux & cholesterol med free now!! It was more than weight loss for me although the weight was the key to better health. I came into this new life style so very confused because of the cross info out there. I realized some of it was not correct but there was too much fog and uncertainty to understand what it was. So, I sought out an alternative med clinician to help me clear things up as I felt it to be prudent while on meds. It's been a successful experience so far. Although I am still learning, I feel in control! Your show has become the mortar that holds the building blocks together! I get it!! I am confidant now that I can continue on my own "for the long haul"! And more profoundly I can turn key this info on my families dietary changes for the better. I am eternally grateful for your diligence and commitment to your craft. Rock On and God Bless you all your lives long!! ThankYou!!

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