Dieting Secrets!


Here are a few dieting secrets that you ABSOLUTELY must know about. If you don’t do what I’m about to share with you, you’re leaving a lot of “lost” pounds on the table. Why not try to get the most out of your diet program. Take the 2 minutes to read what I’m about to say. If you want to maximize weight loss, then read this now.

Dieting Secrets

1. Whenever you’re using sugar, don’t… use Stevia

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. It’s actually good for you. It’s more sweet than sugar. You don’t need much of it. Actually, a packet of Stevia has 1 gram of fiber in it. It’s just about darn near PERFECT. So if you’re going to cook, try using Stevia instead of sugar. If you’re big on drinking sodas or diet sodas, use Stevia to replace the high fructose corn syrup sugars in sodas and aspartame in diet sodas.

By doing just this 1 thing, you’ll be saving yourself 10’s of thousands of calories each month.

2. Slip in 1-2 protein shakes each day as “MINI-MEALS”

Although protein shakes used in all liquid diets are very effective for losing weight, most people mentally can’t handle them. So it’s best to keep food in your diet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t slip in a few protein shakes each day. They’re proven effective for weight loss. If you want to make them more filling, add some flaxmeal in them. The fiber in that will satisfy your hunger much better than the protein shake alone.

Look, these 2 dieting secrets are just the tip of the iceberg… use them and you’ll see results within a week.


Source by Jennifer Jolan

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