Childhood Depression is Not a Myth


Depression is a mental illness and it occurs in all age groups. If it occurs at adult state it is known as depression in adults and the same way if it occurs at childhood stage it becomes childhood depression. Childhood depression can be very dangerous for your child and should be treated at the right time. Childhood depression usually shows the signs of boredom, sadness, irritation, low energy levels, inability to concentrate, unusual behavior, sleeping problems and social withdrawal.

Many people believe that childhood depression is a myth and they do not worry about their children’s health issues from depression, but for the better knowledge of these people the truth is “Childhood depression is not a myth”. People need to believe it and look for the possible treatment of depression before it turns severe and put their children in trouble. Children do not know how to express what they feel or experience health wise. It is only the duty of parents to identify the health issues associated with their children. It has been observed that people feel childhood is free from tensions or any sort of problems that grown ups or adult people face, but the reality is beyond this statement. As so many studies have shown that there is 1 among 35 children suffering from issues related to depression. Due to negligence of parents children become a major victim of depression or other health issues. Every parent need to understand that every child is special and deserves a special treatment or look after. Take an evasive action instantly you notice symptoms of any illness related to depression.

The biggest reason of depression during the childhood stage of a child is the environment that they grow up in. It is proven fact that if parents fight in front of their children the certainty of depression in the child becomes very high. Other reasons of childhood depression are separation of their parents, imbalanced diet, too much pressure study wise, less time for other activities, loneliness and less number of friends. As a parent you need to make sure that you are giving your child a healthy livelihood. The symptoms that point towards depression in your child may be are:

Laziness, irritation, inability to concentrate, sleeping problem, poor appetite, sadness, social withdrawal, no activities to enjoy and crying without any reason. If you ever find these symptoms in your child do not take it lightly, consult with your family doctor or specialist. Early prevention is the best treatment for depression in your child, as the chances of depression to turn severe from mild are very high. Severe depression during the childhood stage can put your child in lots of trouble.

Childhood depression can easily be cured by the various forms of treatment methods. Generally people go for medication treatment for childhood depression. Due to side effects associated with medicines, people largely depend upon the other ways that do not have side effects such as Psychotherapies, and ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy).


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