Amazing 96 Pound Weight Loss Transformation! (Before & After)

Here’s my journey from 270 pounds to 174. I pray my weight loss journey inspires others struggling the same as I have. This journey has not been easy, but it is more than possible! Consistency and determination is key!

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19 Replies to “Amazing 96 Pound Weight Loss Transformation! (Before & After)”

  1. Sabrina McIntyre

    I am starting my journey to lose 150 pounds. I needed inspiration and found your channel. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. Seeing your determination absolutely made me feel empowered. And the best part? I can say thank you SOROR!! Eta Chi chapter alum, Roanoke College class of 2016. Service, friendship, equality for life; there's nothing a Gamma Sig woman can't do.

  2. Evanya Mumford

    hi I'm Evanya I'm 15 years old and I weight 300 pounds I really would like to try the herbal life package but right now me and my family are suffering with financial problems I would like to know if you could help me with my problem or anyone else reading this comment to help me lose this weight because at this moment I'm so close to just giving up and stop eating all together  so if any one could help me give comment your number and we could talk thanks and I appreciate it a lot

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