Zero Carb Tuna Patties Tuna Cake Recipe Low Carb

How to make low carb or zero carb tuna patties or tuna cakes. Some people call them tuna crochets. They are delicious!
Welcome to FoolyCOOKED! My name is ANDREA, and I am part of a fun-loving family living in Israel! We make everything homemade from scratch! Mostly, our foods will be gluten-free and sugar-free! I will show you how to use substitutions for lots of your favorite recipes. New Videos WEEKLY! Please SUBSCRIBE!
We use an organic stevia that does NOT have a bitter aftertaste. We also use non-GMO Xylitol for our baking recipes. These “Special Ingredients” can be found on Amazon here:
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Andrea Lunsford
Yehuda 75/38
Arad, Israel


22 Replies to “Zero Carb Tuna Patties Tuna Cake Recipe Low Carb”

  1. Marcie Californiagirl

    When I make 'Tuna Patties' I make my own sauce ..[Cut slices thin of onions..dip them in a bowl with lemon juice for about 10 minutes make sure you cover them in a bowl..than use a can large of 'Whole Tomatoes' into a blender with some Oregano. & blend it..than mix the tomatoes with the onions and lemon juice to it into a bowl..Add some salt to taste if you like] There you's easy and taste 'Awesome' give it a'll love the taste ..I use the same sauce to fish or any sea food I fry [POUR THE SAUCE ON TOP OF THE PATTIES]

  2. Mary&Maya Vlogs

    I never thought of adding psyllium. I'm supposed to consume it every day for my IBS and colitis.I think adding it to recipes would be much better than having to mix it with liquid and drink it.

  3. Debbie Santiago

    Love Love love you. Cute and real. God Bless Your efforts and your family.
    I am really looking forward to your keto cooking,as I have been eating a while now.
    I so love it,it is where I get my energy from fat.
    I do. need to find my carb % though. Atkins lost me a lot of weight in my younger years. we do need some fiber carbs.
    So I am trying to find my place…could you post your recipe for your 30 oz coffee. thanks.

  4. Terri Ickes

    I use ground pork rinds when I make my salmon patties to bind them together. I will have to give the ground Psyllium Husk a try. It might work better because it would be a more neutral flavor. Your tuna looks so much better than the tuna I can get. All the major brands look like saw dust in the can. It's pathetic!

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