Why a Low-Carb Diet Isn’t Better for Fat Loss

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Low-carb dieting is all the rage these days, and especially for fat loss, but it isn’t everything it’s cracked up to. Here’s why.


The Definitive Guide to Why Low-Carb Dieting Sucks:

The Definitive Guide to Why Low-Carb Dieting Sucks

How Insulin Really Works: It Causes Fat Storage…But Doesn’t Make You Fat:

How Insulin Really Works: It Causes Fat Storage…But Doesn’t Make You Fat

The Definitive Guide to Effective Meal Planning:

The Definitive Guide to Effective Meal Planning






42 Replies to “Why a Low-Carb Diet Isn’t Better for Fat Loss”

  1. Will M.

    I think I do better with about 250g to 350g of carbs a day but it's mostly complex carbs. I've kicked the sugar habit in January of 2016 and I've lost and kept the weight off. I also enjoy eat delicious foods like potatoes, veggies, rice, pasta, etc.

  2. Fruitinprogress -Wholefood Plantbased

    "Lowcarb diets suck" yep totally Agree!! Spent 20yrs loosing & gaining the same 10kgs while on & off a lowcarb diet! 3yrs ago discovered a hclf wholefood plantbased diet healed the typical insulin resistance a lowcarb diet creates now eating as much fruits starches & veggies as i want with almost twice the cal amts as a resrictive lowcarb diets allows, gained back energy hormone balance digestion & metabolism of a teenager all while easily building muscle (got the energy & vitaliy/health to consistantly train!!) never sick! and slowly loosing fat over time without trying (5kgs thus far) all now with eating as much as i want!! No more restrictive diets & 'fear the carbs' eating/mental disorders ;)

  3. wild cory

    Bullshit. I was on a diet of chicken and rice and after having blood work my doctor said that my blood sugar was to high and that I needed to kick the carbs. I replaced the carbs with vegetables and healthy fats and I feel fucking amazing. I'm in the 10-12 body fat range and my strength is increasing.

  4. Mark Carter

    What a tosser….Too many carbs are bad for you if your an everyday person and not a gym nut, Of course if your going to the gym you can eat more carbs but for everyday people with average exercise you shouldn't be promoting them to eat carbs they should be eating loads of veg and fatty meats….Remember gym is for looks…. how many pumped up freaks have you seen who are really unhealthy ? Fucking loads…

  5. Jay-Christy Powell

    This video is spot on at least for me. i weighed 230 about 6 years ago … all fat … I did keto and dropped down to 174 in about 7-8 months. Now I work out most of the year .. I walk around most of the year in between 190-185. Whenever I try to do a quik fix on Keto to lose weight quickly .. after about 3 weeks I get the flu. The weight comes off fast but I get so sick I feel like Im about to die. People who swear by Keto say it will pass but I feel like its doing more harm and it is more complicated to do .. buying supplements to keep from peeing and shitting out all of my minerals.

  6. Captain Mantastic

    Keto diets only work because people who do them are in a calorie deficit. That's it. There's nothing magical about keto. Plus many people who claim to do keto don't last on the diet. They come in on bodybuilding forums, make a loud noise and soon enough are gone, never to be heard again. Plus not many pics of these keto guys progress on keto are around, some but not many. All the great bodybuilders, lee Labrada, lee Haney, Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman plus more all had carbs in their diets, even during precontest.

    Balanced meals work all the time. Want to gain muscle? Add more food. Lose fat? Less food. That simple. People are just too lazy to count calories but it's simple once they've worked it all out. Keto, low carbs, carb cycling sucks. Especially if drug free.

    Too many people are carb phobic. I used to be one of them. Carbs are not the enemy.

  7. jaz ok

    As someone whos been doing lowcarb for almost 2 years now , I gatta say this video is BS , once you're adapted to low carb high fat your energy goes thru the roof , and you feel satiated , when I was on high carbs I was always hungry and having energy crashes , and how foolish are you to say do it for a week , a person hasn't developed the system  to run on fats in a week , please buddy I thought you were smarter than that , studies now show and my own experience shows once adapted you can lift just as heavy on low carb , it just sounds to me this is resistance from low carb high fat haters that have not really researched it well

  8. JustJacked Fitness

    Thank you for this awesome and informative video. These points are very true , I am higher carb with good amounts of fat and protein. I track macros and calories. But my family is like anti-carb so they don't support what I'm doing. XD

  9. Tianze Zhang

    Great Video! I love people who can see through mist.
    Those low carb scientists should go to China can check out their eating habits. My ancestors had been eating rice since thousands years ago, rice was their main source of food. Even nowadays, I never heard anyone got diabetes just because eat rice and gluten, but because of drinking hell amount of beer or family genetic cause.

  10. محمد الدوسري

    Mike, you're talking in a way that is unfair, remember, people got fat with high-carb diet, not to mention, low-fat/skim-fat is everywhere, so it is not about gurus or whatever, you weren't actually talking about ketogenic diet, I even searched your websites for "keto adaptation", there is none, therefore you really should reconsider and do more research with 'good' science, not bad, conventional-wise science.
    I highly admire your work, I'm not saying carbs are bad, in terms of high-insulin 'you' can outrun it with so much effort (not for most people), people are just misinformed by bad science, this is the real deal.

  11. MrApplewine

    Low carb is good for a portion of the day. Carbs are meant to be consumed at night, all of them at once without fat. Use high glycemic carbs so you get the insulin over with fast and clear it out. If you want fat then consume it with your protein during the day after you 6+ hour morning fast. The reason people thought low carb was good is because they were tapping into mimicking the avoiding carbs in the morning and afternoon. The reason people though high fat was good was because they were mimicking the morning fasting period. By figuring out the right food for the right time you should be able to get the benefits of them all.

  12. Joe Grant

    Yes- I steered adding more protein and less carbs but if I just eat fats and not enough carbs I feel miserable when I go to the gym but healthy carbs give me crazy energy!

  13. Faisal Kassimi

    i heard that the bodybuilders from the golden era they use ketogenic diet in the70's to stay lean and ripped the whole year round they never use carbs only once week for a cheat day why they had more aesthetic look back those days, the bodybuilders of today they use more carbs the are more bulky no muscel definition only when the go on the dieet for certain time!

  14. David Winebrenner Jr

    Well only 70% of us in the US are now in the category you mention toward the end of the video so I guess LCHF might be super beneficial for them to get the weight down THEN do more of what you suggest for optimization! Good work man

  15. r Negoro

    The only bad part about cutting carbs is low muscle glycogen levels (lower max rep) and slower recovery. So to have best of both worlds is to repump the insulin once every 3 days by eating glucose/carbs (not fructose). Another way to recompose nicely is to intermittent fast 24 hours 2x a week.

  16. Bob Kurtz

    with my body type low carb works best for me , the doing refeeds when I start to get depleted or energy drops off , I've done a lot of diets and I'm very carb sensitive, if I wasn't I would love to have a few cups of brown rice a day lol
    its all about learning what works for you

  17. Kamil Ormanowski

    It all comes down to your caloric intake. If you intake more calories than your metabolism burns, you will gain weight. If you have less, than you lose weight. Around 3500 calories equals 1 pound of body fat. Even by eating as little as 10 more calories a day, than your body needs to maintain, you would gain 1 pound after a year. People assume carbs are bad because of the media/marketing standpoint, but when they do eat carbohydrates…must of individuals would consume enriched flour and high fructose sugar in every meal. products with these ingredients usually always have a high calorie count, which goes back to the first thing I was stating. Bottom line; eat fruit and whole grains(45-65% total calorie intake), unsaturated fats(20-30% total calorie intake), and complete protein(10-35% total calorie intake) with at least 30 mins of physical exercise a day and you will achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

  18. Marty McCarty

    I'm slightly over weight. I weigh 215 but my body mass index is supposedly 180-190lbs. I feel like trash everyday, I feel tired, I feel stressed, and all I can think about in the gym is going home because I'm growing weaker and more irritable. Should I try just shooting my carbs up to 250-300g? I've been at 70-150g carbs, 150-200g protein, and 75-100g fat. Somebody please give me a suggestion. I'm just super scared of taking steps back because I used to weigh 293lbs and I've come so far.

  19. Ryley Tompkins

    If you can adapt to low carb or keto, good on you! Some people really, really can't. I stuck it out for several months during the winter and was like a ghost, hahah. ^^ 50/30/10 with intermittent fasting keeps me feeling full and energetic.^^, and mentally sane.

  20. FutureLaugh

    as far as strictly "fat loss" i can tell you that either high protein/carb vs hi protein/fat will both lose weight because you only lose weight in a deficit. HOWEVER, eating high fat will keep you feeling fuller longer in my experience, and that makes losing weight easier. Carbs have a different thermogenic effect on the body and make you feel hungry for more. If you track your calories, you can just mentally tell yourself "im not allowed to eat more" but this is why it is difficult, where as high fat diet you feel full and only battle the mental effects of desiring sugary carbs.

    This is strictly fat loss, i have no idea how to apply this to someone weight lifting who needs a surge of energy from carbs etc. But a high fat diet works for me best and keeps me slim as well as regulates my hormone levels.

  21. Walker One (Walker1World)

    Mike, I like your well thought out reasoning it was refreshing to hear another side of this conversation. I do wonder about the limit of your knowledge of the Low-Cab world. You painted it with a broad brush only talking about the extremes. There is many variants to limiting Carbohydrates and each person should use their insulin resistance to determine which plan they should follow. ketogenic vs. paleo or Rosedale vs protein power. I think you would agree with Paleo, it is a real food diet that stays away from process foods. They eat fruits vegatables with very little restrictions. The only reason I consider it part of the Low carb family is in comparison to the SAD (Standard American Diet) it is a lot lower in carbohydrates.

    Where i agree with you is Low Carb diets are for people that have insulin resistance. The issue is most overweight people, I mean 40+ pounds, have abused their system so much that they have built up insulin resistance.

    Once again a good conversation I am going to share on Twitter.

  22. Alberto Ortega

    Hey Mike, Low Carb Diets Suck! lol anyways good video man. I'm currently at a calorie dificit and just to see how my body would respond to my workouts i went on a low carb nutrition for 4 weeks. on my 3rd to 4th week my training started to suffer and started looking really flat even though my strength was still there. sure enough as soon as i increased my carbs (still at a calorie deficit) i started looking fuller with longer endurance/intensity in my training. There are so many nutrition techniques out there backed my many "studies" but the only one true study is the one you perform on yourself. awesome post man. I could also see you're using the Senheiser open headphones, I like them alot.

  23. zevvy

    But it actually is better for fat loss. Take a look at Dr. Jason Fung. There recently has been a study about Biggest Loser Contestants and how their metabolism turned to shit after doing the standard "calorie restriction combined with lots of exercise" routine. It has to do with insulin and insulin-resistance. Your body can not mobilize fat cells if your insulin is high throughout the whole day. You should either do low carb/keto diet OR intermittent fasting. Either way, your body needs to be able to regulate insulin by restricting carbs in one way or another. And you don't need to go on a high/moderate carb diet to refill glycogen. Enough protein will refill glyogen via gluconeogenesis. Or you can just limit your carb intake to a post-workout meal with some carbs.

  24. TheSimpleDudeOne

    Keto is the way to go. Not ''low'' carb. Not high-medium carb. Carb low enough to be in ketosis and there you go. Water weight falls off like magic, no cravings, healthier blood work, protein at the certain amount to maintain muscle mass, fat-burning mode (if you do it right) will be on another level. Remember, there are NO essential carbohydrates, sugars make you fat! Sugars keep you from losing that stubborn fat (they keep you from hitting deep those fat storages, meaning you burn glucose as a primary source of energy instead of fat). Sure you could have lots of diet approaches and you may have the same results but ketogenic diets generally make you feel better, have more energy, burn fat more efficiently, not have cravings thus not binging AND you enjoy fats and protein, although low-no carbs can be a bitch in the first few days.

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