29 Replies to “VSG Gastric Sleeve Recipes: Low Carb Chicken Alfredo”

  1. Rae Blaze

    I've always wondered about spaghetti squash, usually the word squash causes this terrifying, disgusted look to appear on my face, lol, but after watching this I really think I want to try this, it looks so amazing and those bags are everything! (placed my order on Amazon while watching) Thanks so much for posting! HW 320 SW 312 CW 240 7/6/15

  2. 1971chevyblazer

    I don't get you you tell us to follow you on Instagram I've been following you for about two months. You posted some pictures of yourself, so I compliment you and I get deleted and blocked. How lame I was only interested in the progress and how far you have come along. I just hope you don't think you're better than any of us now!!! 

  3. Julie Fit

    Why high fat? Is it just to keep you fuller, would I get better results with low carb low fat? SO if I do all lean meats and no butter and get all my fat from good oils like avocado, nuts and EVOO. No one seems to have the ans to this, I figured you might. PS thanks for the recipie <3


    Look delish I will definitely trying this!! I have a question I'm 2 weeks away from my one year of having my vsg and my portions are very little I'll eat about 3 spoonfuls of food and I can't eat anymore…is that normal for you. I have lost 132 lbs which is crazy but I do wonder if I'll be able to eat a little more.

  5. VSG.4.XY

    So for all of us single folks: can you make quick easy crock-pot type recipes for one? Or something so easy, even I could do it. Although this one looks pretty easy.  
    Never had spaghetti squash before…  Thought is was for Halloween decorations. Hmmm Might have to re-think things now.

    Thanks for all you do for us WLSers.

  6. Gina in Spades

    I gotta try that ragu sauce. Sounds delicious. I'm doing keto (lchf) now too.I cancelled my vsg because I'm down 37lbs in 3 months 1wk! I had financing and a surgery date and everything. Loving it! =)

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