Paleo Diet and Celiac Disease


Some people suffer from damage to their stomachs whenever they eat gluten and other proteins that are typically found in grains and oats. Whenever these materials are ingested, the tiny villi in the stomach that absorb nutrients become flattened and unable to absorb nutrients. People who have this disorder may have symptoms of malnourishment, abdominal pain, constipation, and many other symptoms. This is called Celiac Disease and people with this condition have to be really careful with what they eat and often have to be on special diets or meal plans.There are several paleo diet advantages for Celiac Disease that should be considered.

The paleo diet is often called the “caveman’s diet” because you are only allowed to eat the things that would have been available to cavemen. You cannot eat any grains, beans, or any type of processed food at all. Mostly, you eat a whole lot of meat, veggies, and fruit. Some versions of this meal plan allow you to eat dairy products and others do not.

This meal plan is ideal for individuals with this disorder because it completely eliminates grains from the menu. Grains and beans were not available to cavemen and are therefore not allowed in this meal plan. It is designed to make sure that you still receive all the nutrients and benefits associated with eating grains without actually eating them.

Individuals who have this disorder may suffer from frequent attacks of diarrhea or constipation. This meal plan helps to provide your body with a great deal of fiber that may help with that problem. Fiber helps to regulate waste functions and has many other health benefits as well.

The Paleo plan is designed to provide the dieter with a great deal of energy. Since sufferers of Celiac Disease will often suffer from fatigue and energy loss which can make it very difficult to get through the day. More energy will make it much easier to live without constantly having rely on energy supplements or drinking caffeine products simply to stay awake.

Many people with this disorder have skin conditions and discoloration. Because the food that is eaten in this plan is all natural, it cuts out a lot of the foods that often cause the problems. It is proven to help a person have healthier and clearer skin once they have started this plan.

The foods that are allowed in this plan are all high in nutrients and vitamins that may be lacking from some processed foods. Since individuals with this disorder often have problems with vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, this can be ideal for them. Many processed foods contain the things that are bodies need, but do not have them in a form that is easily digested or absorbed by our bodies.

There are many other advantages to this that should be noted by everyone. This plan will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and have a stronger immune system. It is believed that cavemen died mostly because of injuries not disease. Evidence shows that he doesn’t show any of the signs of diabetes, cancer, or any of the myriad other diseases that plague us today.


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