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  1. lydzies

    Hi, what can you use in place of the cream cheese? I don't eat dairy, and want to try this recipe out. Also, fashion question. Who are your black wrap bracelets by:) thank u!

  2. Manuela Dolcezza (Bella)

    Zuzka ur so cute, "cage free" means that the chicken can see the sunlight (in the big cage where theres millions of chickens) and can make a 360 on spot 🙁 sadly it's the truth u can find all terms information on the FDA website… U live in CA (luckily 4 u) u actually can find real farmers selling real stuff but u gotta look well cuz those farmer are getting broke and they are being forced to follow the rules (the term organic means that the blades or the machines that they are using are meeting some percentage of the cleanliness that the FDA requires so organic does not mean natural nor 100% clean (sorry I'm a nutrition freak) lol

  3. slnhn

    WAY too much cream cheese.

    A better recipe:
    1/2 cup almond meal
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup milk (I use 1/4 cup condensed milk and 1/4 cup water)
    dash cinnamon
    dash salt
    1 tblsp olive oil

    Bake your pancakes and serve with diced strawberries and sugar free syrup. Another option is to use coconut butter as a spread.

  4. windy rager

    i can what to try this looks good and i have every thing it requires.oh i notice from your video you have a vita mix there so awesome i love mine i probably use mine to mix this because i have to make double or triple for my kid plus there always someone extra at my house  this a job vita mix.  zwow  40 12:08 time

  5. lampuiho

    support organic farming and stop the pollution!
    btw, low carb diet only works with organic food or you would consume way too much carcinogens, chemicals that upset hormone balance, heavy metal, etc

  6. Jordan

    Look up Michael Gregor MD, discusses dangers of diabetes and low carb diets. You don't know what you are talking about. Fat causes diabetes not sugar. It's hard to believe but the meat/diary industry wants ppl to believe that so they can make more money. Beef spikes insulin more than potatoes and white rice. And despite the picture on those eggs the chickens aren't happy. They are meant to be in the wild. I used to love you. I can't hardly stand to do your workouts anymore with you peddling this low carb diet. You say you didn't have energy with high carb but at first you will go through a detox from your toxic meat and diary past. Humans aren't meant to eat meat and diary. Ppl thrive on a high fruit and veggie live style. I have never felt better. You will maintain your natural weight. Fruit doesn't cause diabetes. No matter what you eat your blood sugar will rise that's why we have a pancreas but it goes back down like its suppose to. On this live style you don't have to restrict your calories. Calories aren't created equal. If you have to restrict calories you aren't eating the right ones. I know you probably get tired of hearing this but just watch the video. High protein is bad for your kidneys and high fat is bad for your heart. You might be lean and feeling good now but in 20 or 30 yrs with this and you will have a heart attack. Get your blood levels tested. If your cholesterol and triglycerides aren't elevated I would be in shock. 

  7. Lorena Paton

    I'll go out of the topic, but I dont' now where to post it. I've being doing your on-line workouts fo nearly 8 months now. I love them and I can see results so far, despite I haven't change my diet at all. Althought, due to scoliosis, the muscle of my upper back are  very uneven. I hardly can notice them on the right size. Could you recommend me any exercice I can do in which is possible to increase the number of reps in one of the sides? I'd like to balance my muscle so it helps to support my body. Thank you¡

  8. Christina Haftman

    Unfortunately, cage free, grass fed are all marketing terms. Meat, dairy and eggs are very cruel industries. There are no happy cows or chickens! There is violence, exploitation, filth, hyperconfinement and disease. People have this naive romantic idea of the farm and its nothing short of a horrific nightmare. 

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