How Can the Paleo Diet Benefit Me?


There is so much activity going on in our bodies everyday and so many things that have found its’ way into our bodies that can take our health down the wrong path. Changing the way that you eat can cleanse your body and get your body in perfect working condition to eliminate disease risk and give you the body you have always wanted.

Here is a list of the benefits of the Paleo diet:

– a nutrient dense diet

– low in sugar, low in carbohydrate

– low in artificial… EVERYTHING

– easily maintained insulin to glucagon ratio

– devoid of harmful effects from gluten

– devoid of harmful effects from having high insulin (insulin is easy to control on Paleo)

– a naturally lean body

– acne-free skin

– relief from metabolic related disease

– relief from auto-immune disease

– relief from any disease of affluence

– increased energy

– improved athletic performance

– a lowered risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, acne, gasterointestinal – – disease, autoimmune disease, and more.

– How is the average American diet harmful?

The average American diet includes the following list of harmful foods and ingredients that we should avoid.

– Grains (damage intestinal lining, high insulin response)

– Dairy (high insulin response, causes acne)

– Sugar (ANY type of sugar in ANY form, high insulin response)

– Alcohol (very toxic, high insulin response)

– Anti-biotics (avoid Meat injected with Antibiotics, and try to avoid taking oral antibiotics and if you do, supplement with probiotics after antibiotic course is done)

– Hormones (avoid meat injected with hormones)

– GMO’s (food that has been genetically modified)

– Preservatives

– Artificial color and flavoring

– Artificial sugar or sugar substitutes (equal, sweet’n low, splenda. Does not include stevia b/c stevia is an herb)

– Excess amount of table salt (salts net yield is acid)

– Trans fats (hydrogenated fat, plastic-like substance that clogs arteries)

– The list goes on…

What can the Paleo diet do for me?

Want to lose weight? The paleo diet is balanced in fat, carbohydrates, and protein. If you are trying to lose weight, or if you are overweight, I highly recommend going very easy on nuts, seeds, and oils. Once you reach your weight goal, go ahead and increase your fat intake. If you are overweight, I highly suggest that you take a high quality fish oil supplement (1g for every 10lbs of body weight, 0.5g to maintain weight). Being overweight also means you are in an inflammatory state, which the amount of omega-3’s in the fish oil can decrease. This intake of fat will NOT contribute to any weight gain! Also, eat to satiety, not to fullness. You may still feel hungry at first, but your body will actually adapt to using energy that way. The Paleo diet will also give you the lean body you have always wanted and results will speed up if you are doing CrossFit! You will be amazed.

I firmly believe in the Paleo diet and how it can change your life, and in so many ways. Not only will you see a visible change in your body, a noticeable difference in how you feel, but your body will be functioning optimally deep on a cellular level. Not only will you be healthier now, but it will increase your longevity. Look back at the list of benefits and see if there isn’t something there that would make YOUR life better.


Source by Mandi Frattalone

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