High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

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Topics discussed:
Plant based protein vs Animal protein, side effects of animal protein, side effects of whey and dairy, can vegans build as much muscle as non vegans, testosterone levels in vegans, amino acid in plants, cholesterol from eggs for muscle building, bodybuilders, muscle recovery, calcium, is 1 calorie a calorie myth, fats vs carbs, disease. Insulin resistance, diabetis


29 Replies to “High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH”

  1. MrK

    Veganism is a fad diet, its literally unnatural. How long has veganism been around for, less than 100 years?
    People from the Hunza valley in Pakistan, Ikaria in Greece live the longest in the world (most centenarians) and have lots of dairy, fish, grains, fruit and veg in their diets.

  2. Rob Trindade

    Who said killing animals is wrong? Who determines morality? If not God, then people, if people, then morality is subjective because morality itself is subject to humans to determine it. If subjective, then no person answers to any moral standard but their own. I don't answer to people who say killing animals is wrong nor am I held to their subjective moral opinions and standards.

  3. Angela Qaiser NAZIR

    There's too many options and recipes for lazy cooks like myself to keep supporting the dairy & meat industries. It's called get up off your ass and make a change that benefits everything else on earth. It really is just that simple. Vegan for 2017….Peace

  4. Avocado Runner

    I've done LCHF in 2 weeks now and I have never felt better. This is the things I eat: eggs, nuts, meat, fish, spinach, vegetables, a fruit here and there and a lot of avocado (everything organic).
    You should try it.

  5. Lady of the Valley

    I had been HCLF Vegan for 2 years, alternating raw with cooked. Eating raw made me feel the best, but was not sustainable for me, eating cooked carbs was terrrible. So all those 2 years I have been yoyoing. Recently I switched to keto. Eventhough I felt great and lost weight instantly like th HCLF never did for me, I kept on looking for ways to make it all vegan again. I'm not sure if I could have gone into ketosis being a vegan, but now that I am in ketosis is it much easier to do a vegan keto diet, which I have switched to now. The problem with vegan Keto is that all the plant based food containing enough protein also are loaded with carbs. But that doesn't mean you have to stuff your face with meat and once in ketosis you do not have to keep your fat-intake that high. Both HCLF and LCHF is more than just IIFYM, there are good and bad choices Always.

  6. warwick baker

    A Ketogenic Vegan or vegetarian Vs Paleo Diet : The Ketogenic vegetarian or vegan can achieve higher levels of ketosis, compared to the Paleo diet . This is because high protain Is no good for ketosis. I prefer High carbs but I did notices on a low carb ketogenic vegetarian diet when l run 5k at around 15k per hour the recovery time was only ten minutes . On the high carb veg diet it took around four hours to recover.

  7. Life with Abraham

    What bothers me about this video is I'm trying my dam nest to find really good evidence saying whats best for weight loss, and better over all health. Now I know I have seen and tried Atkins, and every time I stuck to it, I lost mad weight, but eventually I would have some carbs, and that would cause me to not just fall off the Atkins wagon, but jump off. Then I read a study saying that vegetarian diets can actually reverse heart disease but I didn't find much on weight loss. Plus I never seen anyone who stayed fat on atkins, but I have seen fat people who ate candy all day and where vegans.. I  just wish people couldn't publish just anything, that there should be double and triple testing before "facts" come out

  8. chicago chicago

    Honestly vegan diet isn't complete diet no matter how your body look like . The problem is animal products are contaminated nowadays. most of them they feel happily ever after when they lose some pounds but later their healthy will collapse dramatically . If they don't know to manage their diet . Regular check up always recommended

  9. callmecristal

    I'm literally losing my fucking mind.. i'm trying to lose weight as a vegan and i'm skipping from video to video and literally everyone says something different.. high carb.. low carb.. high fat… low fat… OMFG i'm losing it! Honestly i think the best thing to do is probably just balance everything out… eat small portions and eat high nothing and low nothing! I'm getting convinced balance is key

    • Blackie

      Some people do better high carb, in fact I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people do. But other people do better on a high fat diet. Go high carb low fat for two weeks then go low carb high fat for two weeks and see which works. Personally I eat a vegan diet about 60/40 carbs to fat at the moment, but it’s just because I’ve been lazy and we got cheap avocados at the market (yummy!). For weight loss high carb is better for me but my fat intake needs to be around 30% or my skin gets really dry. Too much and it gets a bit pimply. It just works for me. I had untold gastrointestinal problems when I ate meat but they’re all gone now, so going vegan was the best change I’ve ever made. Joe Blow next door might be different though, because, you know, people are made differently. If I’ve got a current medical condition I would probably eat differently to someone who is generally fine but just looking for a diet change. Test the diet on yourself and see how you feel. Maybe keep a food diary so you can figure out the ratio that is best.

  10. David McClelland

    As someone who has tried EVERY diet out there I can tell you the only way I was able to gain copious amounts of fat was to stuff my face with fast food and become VERY inactive (not on purpose of course, it's a long story). It wasn't meat based or low carb, but high amounts of both carbs and unhealthy fats coupled with very low activity.

    The ONLY way I could get that fat off was going into ketosis, and it still took me months to do. I did go from 215 to 163 until I finally stopped, because I knew animal products were bad for my body as an individual and I could barely think and function. When I stopped just short of where I wanted to be I looked very unhealthy and my muscles were flat, etc as mentioned and I was starting to get kinda scared, even though I still hadn't got to where I wanted to be with bodyfat. That was VERY QUICKLY REVERSED when I went back to eating my preferred healthy vegan diet. My muscles filled back out, and I gained a little water weight back, but the fat IS GONE to this day!!

    Doing a lot of study is highly profitable, don't get me wrong, but unless you experience the different diets and do what's best for you as an individual you have no clue whether something might be best for you or not.

    I was highly critical of the low carb diet until I was so desperate I was willing to do anything to get the fat off short of literally having it sucked out (which I knew was impossibly dangerous).

    Is the low carb meat based diet sustainable? Not for me it isn't. But I had to do it short term in order to get the unhealthy fat off of me. There was NO OTHER WAY. Period.

  11. blabla blabla

    I just smelled some bullshit,ketosis is much more natural than stuffing yourself with fruit and as a matter of fact the brain works better on ketones soo…Keep your bioscience to yourself next time

  12. Maria Goncalves

    Hi. Great video. I would really appreciate it if you could show the links, names, sources, of the mentioned studies. Could you link to them or the meta-source, a meta-study, in the info box? Sorry, I am no native speaker, so you might have mentioned the links but I did not get it. It would definitely help to check out how to balance my vegan diet.
    I am 49, exercising, having a low carb high protein vegan diet but feeling more and more exhausted. My diet might be the reason. Thanks guys!

  13. Uxas (Lulu)

    6:00 it's true. My mom avoided carbs for years, ate an excess of cheese and fatty void replacements for low carbs, and she got pancreatitis in the result. Now she's basically diabetic and she can't produce enough insulin regularly.

  14. sohnzurrechten

    Hi, i'm Vegan since 2 month and my hair is falling out like crazy. Before I was eating LCHF diet. Im male and 27 years old. I tried it before for 2 months and experienced the Same hair loss, than I went to paleo and everything was great. The hair regrowth very quickly. Do you have an idea? Thx and regards from Germany

    • Blackie

      My hair started falling out about 4 months into going vegan. I was really worried but it started growing back and getting thicker after a while. It could have put stress on your body because the change was so drastic? I have been vegan for 3.5 years now and my hair is the best it’s been. Also it could have been lack of nutrients in some area though, because at that stage you were probably finding your feet with the diet. Use Cronometer online – you just input your food every day and it tells you if you’ve hit your nutritional targets. A great resource if you’re not confident. I still use it occasionally for a checkup on how I’m doing. Even omnivores should use it, we should all check we’re getting the right nutrients.

  15. hodgrix

    Excuse me, but why has my skin cleared up since I started eating low carb? Why, when I ate A LOT of carbs, did I always have congestion problems and would have to constantly blow my nose to the point where my sense of smell was weakened? I thought they were allergies, but they went away as soon as I stopped eating (most) carbs. I still do eat vegetables everyday. All of this on top of the fact that I have lost weight and kept it off.

  16. Heyitsme

    BOTTOMLINE vegan hclf is the BEST way to go it's backed by doctors and studies and many many may personal testimonials who've been doing this 10 years and have the blood tests to back it up. Anyone who thing low carb and animal protein is ok is IGNORANT. Cavemen ate animals because there wasn't enough of everything else, there weren't slaughterhouses either but even if they are "humanly raised and killed" it's still death and its still fatty and bad full of crap come on we did not become smart because of eating meat it was the fact we were COOKING good with FIRE not the fatty meat. I can't believe we aren't all at least plant based if not living the full vegan lifestyle but geez I'm so happy to see this video! The only fat a person needs is in a bite of an avocado. If your starving on hclf than your not eating enough SIMPLE. Eat more and pick a carb that you actually like, of course it won't work if your eating something you don't like hello.. COMMON SENSE!!

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