Healthy Tacos Recipe – Low Carb High Protein


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We love Tacos but sometimes we’d like something a little more low-carb. Enter the Buff Dude Cauliflower Taco Shell Recipe. It’s the perfect recipe for a Buff Dudes approved Taco!

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46 Replies to “Healthy Tacos Recipe – Low Carb High Protein”

  1. Kirk

    You guys are just brilliant I thought the cauliflower pizza based was an amazing idea and it totally is but Mexican is my fav so thank you guys so much your channel is an inspiration to all who either know how to cook healthy and train and a great introduction for those who don't. Thanks for such an awesome channel!

  2. Stewart Edmunds

    A buddy of mine used this impeccable diet program, "fizy unique plan" (Google it). The result was incredible; she lost 12 pounds. I just googled it immediately along with I`m also using this extraordinary diet.

  3. Vincent Canada


    the food network stole this recipe and the cauliflower pizza recipe. you guys didn't even get a courtesy comment on their channel….

    if you guys took the recipes from them please disregard. I don't see that because that's not Buff Dudes Style!

  4. Earëndil

    Did this today, it was awesome! Added some avocado and salsa. Added up to about 447 Cal and 20g of carbs.

    Just a reminder, wash the coliflower before popping it into the oven; to remove any unwanted critters and dust.

    Thanks Buffdudes!

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