Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes: Paleo

GRAIN and DAIRY FREE, these DELICIOUS, PROTEIN filled pancakes are the perfect way to start your day!

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41 Replies to “Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes: Paleo”

  1. Janelle H

    These are absolutely delicious, and I've made numerous failed paleo-style pancakes. The only sub I made was 1 teaspoon of raw honey for the stevia, as I find stevia very off-putting. Wonderful idea with the immersion blender, too. Super simple clean up! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jenn Lynn

    Why do people think they are eating Paleo when they use Baking Powder. Baking Powder contains Cornstarch….Corn is a grain so you are not eating grain free. Just fooling yourself into thinking you are.

  3. Jordan Alfaro

    They totally hit the spot! I just finished eating them! I follow the Keto lifestyle. I didn't have coconut milk so I substituted it with heavy cream! They were so fluffy and delicious!! The closest to the real thing I've tried! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  4. Johna Alford

    I just made this recipe today and it is by far the best consistency, texture, and flavor for any paleo pancake recipe I have tried! Thank you so much for sharing! This is definitely going to be a weekly go to!

  5. Emanuela Davis

    Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda, calcium
    acid phosphate, and starch. It is used as a leavening. Baking flour is
    ground wheat and covers all flours used for baking, including cake flour, pastry flour, all-purpose flour, and self-rising flour.

  6. Dria00509

    Just made them and they turned out great. Thanks for sharing! You just have to be sure that all the ingredients are room temp otherwise the melted coconut oil will begin to solidify and create a lumpy consistency. I also decreased the amount of coconut oil to 2Tbsp and used almond milk in place of coconut milk and a tsp of raw honey instead of the stevia.

  7. Lulu Cortz

    I've been experimenting with different paleo pancake recipes lately. The one thing I've noticed is at first, the batter has a nice, runny consistency for pouring. However, after my first set of pancakes are done, the next batch to cook of pancake batter becomes condensed and thick. What can I do to keep the batter consistent throughout without diluting the flavor from adding more almond milk or water? Thank you for all the lovely recipes posted!

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