Extreme Weight Loss Meals: Low-Carb Casserole, Fast and Easy

Extreme Weight Loss Meals is a video series to specifically reduce body fat through proper diet. Many of these recipes focus on reduction of carbohydrates, mimicking a paleo diet.

Forget your meal replacements and weight loss pills. Losing weight means having a caloric deficit each day. This meal is an easy way to prep low calorie meals that taste amazing. Lose weight the healthy way. Know what you are consuming.

This recipe is very easy to follow. Essentially all it is, is a protein baked with your favourite vegetables.
1. Prep your vegetables
2. Brown your meat/protein
3. Spice the dish and mix it together
4. Top with cheese (optional)
5. Spread 100 ml of water into the dish
5. Bake at 375F for 25-30 minutes
6. Eat it. Either on it’s own, or on salad. It’s tasty as long as you spice it with your favourite spices as well.

This is a very easy dish and you will find you can experiment with it as well.
Also comment and suggest more weight loss meals. I live for healthy weight gain and loss, manipulating body weight is by far one of the most empowering thing someone can experience, and it extends into other aspects of life.

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43 Replies to “Extreme Weight Loss Meals: Low-Carb Casserole, Fast and Easy”

  1. Kelley Harvey

    Google the diet plan “fizy unique plan”, for me, it is the best plan I have tried out and achieved great results. My entire life has transformed for the better after I lost 18 lbs by following this plan!. Try this your self, hope you will like it like me.

  2. Evan Chavez

    My partner and i learned about the diet “lyly amazing guide” thru a Google search. In just a few days, I’ve dropped in excess of 15 pounds. It’s the best weight loss program I’ve actually seen and it sure works for me.

  3. Jessica Leverett

    I am just wondering if you are aware that the only thing that I see off hand in the first 5 sec of this video that has zero carbs in it, is the hamburger/meat and cheese that you have on the table. Veggies, as well as seasoning all have carbs in them. :/ I mean it is low carb, as it doesn't have pasta in it, but it def. has carbs in it, especially with the onion and tomato

  4. B Chen

    This is what I've eaten ( with more veggies and fish plus fruits) for the last 35plus years!Remember, after age 40 you cannot digest COOKED foods, e.g. beef,pork,chicken etc., so see a nutritionist for the solution. If not, go online or buy some natural foods books for  help. You have a great diet there!!!! Keep up the good work young man!!

  5. Brain Phelps

    great vid great recipe!! But what's with the music.  Is there a human being who enjoys that music?  And yet it's the kind of music that has become the theme song to our lives because it's played at every coffee shop gym and bar.  I mean no offense but i'm just curious, how did you go about selecting that music?

  6. Jess Molina

    can you please give me the calories breakdown on this and what should be a good serving size? I'm counting cals, and I can't just add the recipe. too bad I can't at the picture but this looks delicious I used turkey ground meat instead of beef and it still came out so good. so thank you so much for sharing

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