Easy Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas


It’s quite interesting to note that with all the medical advancements we have achieved in recent years we are still challenged with something as simple as living a fit lifestyle. In fact certain health issues which could be prevented by using simple healthy eating plans continue to become more and more prevalent. Many health and nutrition specialists believe that the answer to this is neither complicated nor high tech, a simple back to basics approach like the Paleo diet is recommended as a healthier alternative to our standard modern diet.

One of the most difficult obstacles when it comes to sticking with a particular diet like the Paleo or caveman diet is not having a specific plan about what kinds of food you can eat on a daily basis. Often we have heard or read about the guidelines but not specific recipes like paleo diet breakfast ideas or lunch and dinner meal recipes that are easy to prepare. Being able to cook meals in a simple and familiar manner better motivates a person to continue with the program.

Paleo Food Basics

Paleo meals can consist of foods which at one time were hunted and or gathered. Meat, eggs, fish, tree nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries and roots are staples. This gives us a wide variety of foods to choose from so sticking with the diet should not prove difficult with a bit of creativity. We only need avoid dairy, salt, sugar, legumes, grains, processed oils and potatoes. These foods were made available to humans after the start of the agricultural period. By then human bodies had already developed genetically into its best state with a paleo diet. As for drinks aside from water you may indulge in organic green tea or coconut water for variety. If you have a sweet tooth then coconut palm sugar or raw honey can be used to sweeten your drinks or recipes.

Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas

It’s not easy to think about what you can and cannot eat at 6 a.m. so having several paleo diet breakfast ideas ready and pinned on your refrigerator door will definitely keep you from going astray.

Monday – This is probably the day when we are bleary eyed the most and to top it off we need to get a move on because we’re running late. If you are used to pouring cereal on these days then mixed nuts and berries with coconut milk is a quick breakfast option.

Tuesday – Today a more substantial meal is needed since you would be catching up on work you were too sleepy to do yesterday. An egg and tomato stir fry using 2 eggs, a tomato and a thinly sliced green onion cooked in a bit of cooking fat will hold you till lunch time.

Wednesday – Eggs with avocado and salsa is a delicious dish that will definitely wake you up. In ten minutes you can prepare and cook this dish. Beat 2 eggs and cook it in a non-stick pan over medium heat then add 1/4 an avocado sliced and some salsa to finish it off.

Thursday – Many people include a smoothie breakfast at least once a week so here is a simple recipe using coconut milk and your choice of berries or fruit. Pour a whole can of coconut milk into the blender and add your fruit or fruits of choice. Adding a spoonful of nut butter gives it a smooth aftertaste that mimics dairy and a couple of drops of vanilla extract will make it more flavorful. If a whole can of coconut milk is too rich for your taste then add some crushed ice to the smoothie and enjoy.

Friday – Banana almond pancakes are not only tasty but easy to make as well. In a bowl mash two bananas then add 1 egg and 1 tablespoon almond butter. In a non-stick pan add some coconut oil then cook the batter over medium heat. You can add walnuts or blueberries to the pancake before flipping and cooking the other side.

Saturday – An easy to make but filling Saturday breakfast is sautéed sweet potatoes. Just heat a pan and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Add grated sweet potatoes and cook till it softens then add ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon.

Sunday – If you had a late Saturday then you’ll probably have brunch so a hearty steak and eggs breakfast is fitting. Season ½ lb sliced boneless beef steak with sea salt or black pepper. Place 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a heated pan. Add a diced onion, 4 sliced mushrooms and the steak to the pan and sauté till lightly cooked. Put in a diced red pepper and spinach to the mix and finish cooking the steak. Top the steak with two fried eggs and share with a friend or partner.

Enjoy a week of Paleo diet breakfast ideas and you’ll definitely come back for more.


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