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  1. Chris J. (Christy)

    Great video! I really need to meal prep more…..I eat out too much. This video gave me a lot of good ideas that I"ll try, thank you! Everything looked so good…..and I love soft serve ice cream, yummy!

  2. 111gagafan

    Wait a minute , are you eating these staff for weight loss ??
    Btw , the food you eat is very unhealthy : cooked and heat processed fats and protein are carcinogenic . hands down . period .

  3. Cassondra Cole

    Where do you look for meal inspiration? I love you're vids because you always have some creative way to change up the usual. Tried the trick using xanthan gum to make "fluff". Husband loved it! Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Aaron Mayfield

    have recently decided to do keto and typed it in on YouTube and your channel came up… I watched one video( the one last week where you went home with your  dog) and I was hooked…. been going back and watching them most of the day(its my day off) I'm a meal prepper by nature and love to prep and I'm gonna try your recipe with the eggs…. keep it up I enjoy your channel 🙂 ps watching the one with your grocery haul and as a fellow Texan(from San Antonio) but residing in Ohio I miss HEB

  5. tyjomeb123

    That egg casserole looks fantastic, gonna try it myself. Thanks for the great video. I'm glad you're back on track. That happened to me a few weeks ago and even though I'm back on track after 3 days astray, I'm in a stall so I'm kicking myself for falling off the keto wagon. You do keep us inspired to stay on keto. Thank you.

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