Do You Have a Gluten Or Wheat Intolerance?


If you suffer from Gluten or Wheat intolerance and you are looking for recipes that are GF as well as want to eat a healthy diet whereby you can lose weight at the same time and become more energetic. You can start cooking tasty and healthy Paleo meals which are simple and easy to prepare. There are hundreds of different recipes available in the Paleolithic recipe book which are available online. In addition there are also sets of these cookbooks available which are being snapped up fast.

The modern Paleo diet is gluten, dairy and soy free. This diet consists of lean meat, fish, poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as nuts. This diet excludes legumes, dairy, grains, refined sugar, salt, preservatives and processed foods. You can still enjoy a hearty meal although the food is prepared slightly differently and at the same time will reduce your gluten and wheat intolerance.

Many people around the world suffer from celiac disease which is an auto immune disease that is triggered by gluten. Gluten is a protein which is found in grains such as barley, wheat and rye and other such grains. The lining of the small intestines become inflamed when gluten is ingested and will cause the person to suffer from diarrhea, bloating, abdominal gas, stomach cramps and weight loss. Once gluten is removed from your diet, the intestinal lining heals automatically.

Those that suffer from gluten intolerance should adhere to a gluten free diet for the rest of their lives. Due to grains being used in most foods a gluten free diet is not that easy to maintain. This is a hereditary condition and the disease is common in those with a Celtic and Scandinavian background. Here are some of the foods which are safe to eat and that are Gluten free such as arrowroot, buckwheat, corn, flax, flour which is made from seeds, nuts and beans, lean meat, fish and poultry. Fresh fruit and vegetables, potato, potato flour, rice, sago, rice bran, sorghum, distilled liquor and wine as well as ciders.

This diet is commonly referred to as a hunter gather diet as for thousands of years people ate fish, poultry and meat, vegetables, roots, seeds, and fruit and these foods were usually eaten raw. No dairy products were eaten during these times either. However, the modern Paleo diet the food is now cooked which eliminates any toxins and of course cooking makes the food edible.


Source by Humayun Altaf

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