Diet Paleolithic – The Caveman Diet


The Paleolithic diet has become very popular in recent times as it takes a look at our great ancestors who maintained there strong physiques while staying healthy. The reason why the caveman diet works so well is that its so simple and there's only one thing to remember, Only eat foods that you can grow or kill, anything else is totally out and this means all processed foods, refined sugars are out (you can always get your sugars from fruit)

The caveman in there day were very active and finding food was not always an easy task either by hunting wild animals or foraging for berries. The problem with today's lifestyle is that we are not active and we are no longer required to go out hunting for our foods and our food is brought to us in huge piles ready for our consumption.

The first step of Paleolithic diet plan is to avoid all man made food products and really step back to a simpler time when food actually tasted and looked like food. The next step is to maintain an active lifestyle this does not mean you have to spend hours on a cardio machine,

the best way is to get your heart pumping by doing 15-20 minutes of high intensity exercise 3-4 times a week. This will closely simulate the caveman lifestyle as a lot of time was spent tracking and then creeping up on prey followed by short spurts of high intensity exercise.

Great way to Reviews Another enjoy the Paleolithic diet is to go The around your local neighborhood and look for edible by wild herbs and berries, always make sure you know what you are On eating. I often find wild parsley around my neighborhood and I added to a lot of my caveman recipes.


Source by Norman Planck

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