BEST Paleo Tortilla Recipe Here’s an easy way to make tortillas without grains or gluten. Coconut flour and coconut milk are the main ingredients in these delicious tortillas.


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  1. Paola Ramirez

    Hi Diana, thanks for such a wonderful recipe. I have almost all ingredients. Can I substitute baking powder for baking soda? If so, should I use the same amount. thanks for your help.

  2. rebecca pearce

    Ok I've tried this recipe and have to agree with others. It's more like a crepe than a tortilla. I was pleasantly surprised at how little coconut flavor it has. I had problems flipping them until I learned not to flip them until the edges are pulled away from the pan. Also found that they fall apart unless allowed to cool completely before use. Will I make these again? Maybe.

  3. atgn70

    HI there….I'm getting ready to do a candida diet,and needed to know if the baking powder is absolutely necessary to make these great looking tortillas?! I'm desperate to find something that will work as I try to get better…:)

  4. iluvmysix

    I made these tonight.  They were tasty but I really couldn't call them a tortilla.  They reminded me of a flat omlette.  My husband wants to eat them for breakfast with some sausage.  So, while we liked them, they didn't really work for taco night.

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