Acne and the Paleolithic Diet


New scientific research is suggesting that the paleolithic or caveman diet may be an effective guard in the fight against acne. This is based on the theory that the modern diet introduces allergy and inflammation into the system and this is a contributor of the increase of acne producing enzymes. The paleo diet is one of the many options that are recommended to treat this embarrassing condition.

Information About Acne and its relationship to health and diet. Can a different diet help with the treatment of acne?

For many people becoming acne free is a dream. A lot of people have problems with whiteheads, blackheads, and have infected skin follicles. Years ago it was believed that acne had been caused form poor hygiene, or eating poorly. However this has become clear that it is not the case.

One of the causes of aces is not having enough fluid in your body. You can help reduce your acne by making sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. This helps your digestive system and also your circulatory system and helps your body be in great condition. If your body has the right amount of hydration you will have the ability to ward off infection such as the bacteria found in acne.

One of the biggest factors that causes acne is oil based cosmetics. Acne that is caused from cosmetics is usually found in people that do not have acne problems except when they use cosmetics. This is a type of acne that will not have any scaring effect but it is unattractive just the same. If you happen to get this type of acne then stop using the cosmetic that is the problem.

To get free of acne and to be acne free you need to clean often. There are many products that are readily available but you need to be sure that you pick one that is not abrasive. Any product that has salicylic acid can be an aide that is powerful against treating blackheads and any acne that is not inflamed.

The best preventive measure is to keep your hands off of any acne. By popping or squeezing you make breaks in your skin, this lets any bacteria in infesting your skin. Any person that suffers from acne needs to quit this horrible habit.

Another factor that contributes to acne’s is diet. Many scientists are touting the paleolithic or caveman diet as one that helps many functions of the body including the incidence of acne. This is interesting science and is something that is quite exciting to hear about. The principle being that the foods that we have introduced into our system since prehistoric times are not compatible with our evolutionary system and this creates allergic or inflammatory reactions which some believe include acne. So consider the Caveman diet as an option to fight acne.


Source by Sean O Bryant

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