Why your not losing weight (even on a low carb diet)

Why your not losing weight (even on a low-carb diet)


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  1. Drkoje Drkic1

    Hey hey, The most success that I have ever had was with Dianas magic
    plan (i found it on google) Its so simple and without a doubt the most
    helpful diet that I have ever tried and I am still trim to this day.

  2. Ken Snyder

    I don't drink coffee, don't  eat sweets, or do alcohol, don't drink milk, and I've been on the low carb thing for 5 days with a weight loss of 1.3 pounds. I may be resistant to ketosis. Have been eating eggs. But I'm hoping for better results next week.

  3. Drumcat Fano

    Thank You Drake.You have helped me understand more about this low carb thing than a lot of people I've listened to.I'm 0+ also.I always eat dairy.Never thought that is what stopping me from losing weight.God Bless you for trying to help people out.  Keep on talking

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