Why YOU Always FAIL on a Low Carb Diet

Why YOU Always FAIL on a Low Carb Diet

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We are dedicated to supporting those who are interested (and educating those who are not) in following a low fat, high carb, “low” protein, vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re considering, just trying for the first time, coming back, or dedicated we are here to offer as much support, information, and encouragement as you need.

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24 Replies to “Why YOU Always FAIL on a Low Carb Diet”

  1. Nick Fury (skydragon)

    you should explain most of your "facts" to the eskimos – they basicly have a no carb diet most of the time and oh wonder they survice without a problem – the biggest issues are if you eat too much carbs and fat or too less calories if they are trying to lose weight

  2. Baron Taron

    Im sick of these liberal vegans! All you are saying is bullshit, i have been on a low carb diet and have had phenomenal results. Stop spreading false information you grass eater

  3. Paul Buckland

    I decided to research the diet “vivi awesome plan” on google and immediately I followed the guide rules. I tried a lot of methods before but did not get successes. With this diet the results I attain were mind-boggling. My friend tried this plan and she got amazing result in just couple of days. Everyone was ecstatic and shocked after i told them in just a week time I had shed close to 20 lbs.

  4. Mike Blyth

    way to much bullshit and assumptions, high carbohydrate consumption has only been a common part of the human diet for the most recent history particularly because it is an easy cheap energy source. For millions of years we functioned off low-mid carb diets meat/veg foraging diets. Your body functions worse on water, we need and are used to drinking dirty water and fruit, because the mineral content helps absorb the water into your system, major civilisations succeeded for many reasons not just grain, I would also point out how successful the roman's were… I mean,,, where are they now? Your brain and body can function on ketones. Melon is the best natural hydrator available. Drinking tonnes of water strips all the good nutrients out of your body, peeing a lot proves it doesn't hydrate you. Being addicted to junk is human not low carb. Exercise is great for general health and fitness but actually does little to reduce your weight, and,,, everything I've seen for low carb diets is free advice,,, hardly tricking people.

  5. Katina Jenkins

    I googled about "fizy unique plan" & begun following this guide minutely. The result had been pretty impressive. You might be shocked to realize that I shed near 16 pounds just simply in a 7 days.

  6. Mary Clay

    she is right. most ppl (MOST) I said now..fail on this diet. they stay on it pretty good at first. then all of sudden they creep slowly back to eating regular foods and before they know it they have gained all the weight back they lost plus some..

  7. ONLY1

    bullshit, the first thing out your mouth was absolutely wrong. i had lost over 100lbs on a very strict keto/atkins diet in just about 1 year. your statement "it can only be sustained for 2,3,4 weeks. because your body is going to require nutrients and its going to require calories" is absolute hogwash. 1. keto diet allows very small amounts of carbs. 2. how is there not enough calories? 4calories/gram of protein 4calories/gram of carbs
    9calories/gram of fat
    3. it is not "hard" on your body.
    the reason we enjoy carbs is because its more readily available to be absorbed and utilized in the body. the body takes it as a "comfort" food. this is why people eat to cooe with sadness. this is why when you detox from carbs your body wants and craves that comfort food since you allowed your metabolism to weaken from eating all carbs. it has a harder time absorbing the fats and protiens. this is exactly why you get a ramped up metabolism when you start a keto diet. it takes more work ti burn the fat and it switches the chemistry of our body to burning carbs as a primary source of energy to the fat storage in the body. its very simple really.

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