Why Low Carb Diets Work!!

In this video, I go over 4 major points as to why many people are successful losing weight by going low carb. Always be sure to consult a physician prior to any diet/exercise program. Enjoy!
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29 Replies to “Why Low Carb Diets Work!!”

  1. Brain Rush

    I lost 19 pounds in six weeks via keto….that's nearly a pound every two days… And, for me, this diet is super easy… as long as my carbs are low, I can eat as much as I want

    for you vegans, you can eat vegan and stay into ketosis…i have had plenty of vegan keto days

  2. Joanne Josephsen

    Love this Video! Ive lost over 300lbs doing low carb diet and now its not a diet its my lifestyle. I might get nasty comments now saying how much Ive lost but I don't care really. I'm happy now were I wasn't before! My Doctor asked me if i wanted the band and I said no!! I did it all 100% low carbs, I was T2 and now my blood sugars are great. I kept my carbs before 50. ♥

  3. fabdlnltc

    Do you have a general purpose diet which doesnt require too much money? Or know someone like that? …. Or a general rule to say "Yes, i can eat this; no, better left this out"?

  4. lemonbrownie

    do the keto/low-carb diets actually work for anyone? if i am to eat only fruits, vegetables, and nuts (almonds and walnuts) and drink only almond or coconut milk and water for five weeks, as well as perform cardio every other day, will i burn fat?

  5. Hugh Mungous

    My body is a fucking mess. Nothing works. I tried high carb, super low fat. High fat, low carb and it all sucks for me. I lost nothing. But once I began calorie restricting and intermittent fasting I seen results.

  6. Robert Angel

    We now know the science.  Food fried in fat is not the issue.  The issue is cooking our food  with high heat.  This is what  is missed.  High heat destroys and changes the proteins in our meat.  It was never the fat that made people sick; it was charred meat (grilling) and cooking our food to oblivion.  Over cooked food is toxic.  When you ingest this food you are cooking yourself, bit by bit.

  7. Russell Holtslander

    The only problem I have is the idea that low carb is high protein, and lower fat. I eat about 10 % carbs, and eat about 125-150 grams of protein which is 20-30 %, and couldn't eat any more. So that leaves 60-70 % fat, which is what Atkins describes. In fact he warns against trying to limit fat, and states in his book that low carb IS high fat. If I dropped fat to 50-60 %, I would need to up carbs to 20 %, which isn't really low carb.  It is more moderate. 

    Fat is what really gets rid of my appetite, since it can't be converted to glucose, like carbs, and excess protein. This lowers my Insulin response, and my blood sugars do not plummet down to 70, at which point one feels hungry. Anything that spike blood sugar enough to cause Insulin to be produced will eventually lead to hunger. With high fat, you can go 24-48 hours without feeling any cravings. I don't get that with high protein In fact , on days I eat closer to 30 % protein, I limit carbs to under 5 %. Without this glucose/Insulin response, and lack of hunger/cravings, we eat less. that is why low carb works, along with high fiber from the veggies you do eat, and the volume of the food. 

  8. John Schwartz

    This is 100% spot on.  The common myth is that people on low carb diets are pigging out and packing in the calories.  The truth is, you feel satiated almost all the time and often have to remind yourself to eat. Sounds weird, but it's the truth.  I often go 12+ hours without eating before I get even the smallest rumble in the stomach to remind me.  So 2 things happen:  your body starts burning internal fat stores (its first choice of energy is fat); and you cut back on portions (even without consciously being aware of it).  I simply feel fuller faster.  Instead of 4 eggs and some ham or bacon or sausage, now I feel full after 2 eggs and half as much of the meat.  The combination of not eating as often and eating less per meal is a wicked 1-2 weight loss punch!

  9. rahhcousweet91

    This is a wonderful and VERY informative video!
    You make a lot of sense, I've actually have heard the same suggestion from a natural doctor which is DoctorEric Berg, who certainly supports this and encourages us in our daily diet but it must be balanced w healthy fats and minerals in order to work.
    Thank you so much once again! Love your information!

  10. sanitary103

    drink tons of water, eat a lot of lean protein such as chicken breast, fish, eggs, turkey breast, lean beef and get tons of carbs from green veggies. cut down on whole grains and enriched flour products. no calories from soda, just water and maybe a cup of low fat milk. lift weights and intense cardio 3-4 times a week. 

  11. sanitary103

    for the most part yes, but the leaner one gets and the more intense your workouts become, you will need more carbs. at that point, you would need to be more strategic. I'm actually probably going to do a video on this very topic before you even asked. stay tuned. 

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