Give this video a thumbs up! What I eat in a day to stay lean 2015, and to maintain a flat stomach with ab definition. I personally like following a low carb low sugar diet. As you saw in this video some of the foods, like the rice in sushi, and the nuts do have a carbs so I do eat them! but I try to stay away from bread and pasta during the week.

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My favorite protien shake: http://rstyle.me/~6Ng2z

My week at the gym- https://youtu.be/tOYwtzM_Tgo

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1) steak cut into cubes
2) chopped celery
3) chopped carrots
4) baby portabellas
5) diced onions
6) hearty beef stew seasoning (we use 1 whole package)
7) Cook together in a covered pot on medium heat until it comes to a boil. Remove cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Stir occasionally, serve when carrots are tender.

The shake I drink: Dymatize protein powder vanilla cake flavor – http://rstyle.me/~6Ng2z

Hi! My name is Sam! I have a fitness and beauty lifestyle channel. Here you will find makeup tips like smokey eyes and product reviews You will also see lots of “how to” like how to highlight and contour. As well as fitness tips such as ways to get a flatter stomach and lose weight. At home workout ideas, and my current diet meal plan. I hope you enjoy my videos!! Thanks for watching!

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43 Replies to “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2015| To stay LEAN| LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR”

  1. Alonzo Garcia

    I have followed the “fizy unique plan” for a couple weeks and i also have dropped 12 pounds already. It is probably the easiest diet to follow I have ever tried out. Learn more about the “fizy unique plan” just by searching it on Google.

  2. Katina Jenkins

    I googled about "fizy unique plan" & begun pursuing this guide minutely. The result has been fairly awesome. You might be surprised to realize that I shed close to 16.7 pounds just in a 7 days.

  3. Qwerty 101 (QWERTY101)

    I've been on a monitored low carb low sugar Low ish fat diet for the past three weeks. I'm not fat I just want to get rid of the little fat on my body to be able to show my muscle more. I'm never hungry, I just don't eat breads and rice and sweets, but I'm never unsatisfied. In the past three weeks I have already lost almost 12 pounds! And my muscle definition has started to show after 2 weeks!

  4. holly erin

    everyone can shut up about how "low carb diets are bad". carbs make you gain weight and by cutting them out you will see results! i cut them out and lost 10 lbs in the first week! try it ;)

  5. Purple Puppy

    Bitch you didn't even eat carbs, this is how these eating disorders start, people get worked up about the wrong thing. Eating more veggies and cutting out crap like dirty fish (serisouly they have mercury in them) is the better diet. Eating bread or rice isn't what is making people fat

  6. Rachel Ann Esthetician

    I've been struggling lately. Low carb was all that worked for me while recovering from anorexia I tried clean eating and blew up!! Now when I try low carb I gain. Going to work on tracking better without becoming neurotic because I've gained a few pounds. I've been craving sushi for weeks

  7. GL Brown

    Weight loss green store tea is a wonderful product. I was watching what I eat (Low carbs) and exercising at least 3 times a week but hit a sticking point at 10 pounds down so I decided to try this product…two weeks later I am 16 pounds down!I works fantastic. It taste good and I use it only once a day, it cleans your system out that is for sure.

  8. Pedro Zegarra

    I did very low sugar diet for about 3 months we. I went to play pro soccer in peru and lost about 20 pounds which it was amazing I had a big confidence on this diet and it works thanks for breaking it down the way you did it would be awesome to make more videos like this with different types of foods also looking at what you eat daily perhaps yogurt make sure to look at the sugar amount if is 7grams or less the. you good to eat

  9. Ava Flanagan

    can everyone stop saying that what she's doing is wrong? last time i checked you guys don't have the same body as her. this diet is working for her and can work for a lot of other people THAT AREN'T YOU!

  10. Ibizagirl91

    If you only have 2 IQ you will know that powders like that only make damage to the body. It's actually cancer. You act like you know what you do, but you actually don't know much. Food give you all the necessary to your body, not the garbage powder that you or anybody don't know what is in it, but only believe in commercials. Fake, this is how people get really sick.

  11. Ibizagirl91

    How to kill your body! Please don't mind this sick people want if others to stop eating. It's sick and eat what ever you want. She will tell you to only eat an apple and drink water, butt she doesn't know that her body get sick.

  12. ThatDamnBlonde

    Honey, carbs are good for you, carbs dont turn into fat unless you eat more then 500 grams of them and trust me you wont if you eat a normal ammount. Sugar isnt the devil, fat is the devil

  13. lani the best

    Just so you know this idea of a low carb low sugar diet doesn't work as long term weight loss 'diet thing'. All that protein, especially animal protein is damaging to your body and just leaves u dehydrated and crabby. You might think you look good and feel great, but unfortunately your just putting your body at risk for long term weight gain. You need maximum carbs to function. The body run on carbohydrates, not protein. Please stop this. Your just starving yourself. Please stop by Freelee The Banana Girl's channel. She is lifesaver, she changed my life and can change yours too

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