What 6 Months of Eating Keto Did To My Body.

The affect that a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein eating style has had on my body. The plan I used: http://bit.ly/KetoBeginning || Click “Show More” for resources.

Fat Fueled (regulate weight + hormones): http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/cUjYa
Balanced Keto (stress-free keto meals): http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/JBGqR
The Keto Beginning (total body confidence): http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/jHBrB
The Keto Bundle (complete fat-burning): http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/HhM3b
Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/subscribe

My experience on HRT: http://bit.ly/1Sie3vY
What to expect when you go high-fat: http://bit.ly/HighFatExperience
What eating high-fat does to your cholesterol: http://bit.ly/HighFatCholesterol


23 Replies to “What 6 Months of Eating Keto Did To My Body.”

  1. Anita Wise

    Love to hear this is working on hormones.
    I'm 65 will definitely keep at it, 6wks now.
    What was your food intake like.
    I'm dairy free, gluten free and no soy, also allergic to ginger.
    I do not eat red meat.
    You look amazing with so much energy.
    In this, I'm full and usually eat one – 2 meal a day.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Melba Campbell

    I actually lost 19 lbs while following the weight loss plan “fizy unique plan” (Google it). It can nothing short of a miracle. I truly think you should try this plan for your own!

  3. Rosemarie French

    We couldn’t believe it when my colleague informed me regarding the weight loss plan “lyly amazing guide” he’d found. Search it on Google. I possibly could hardly believe my eyes when she shed 15.6 lbs so quickly I can almost watch the pounds melt away as she worked.

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