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  1. Jefferdaughter

    Uh… 'Secrects', "deadly nightshade did not become a tomato." (Your statement in the comments below posted 3 yrs ago.) Nor can deadly nightshade ever become a tomato, no matter how much selective breeding is done. Tomatoes are in the nightshade family, but so are potatoes and peppers, among other plants in that family – and they can't 'become tomatoes', either.
    Who gives a bleep what someone else chooses to eat. But humans are not designed to be herbivores, or to live on high amounts of grain. Did you miss the comment on the history of rice in Japan? That before WWII only a few rich people ate it?
    Have you seen the info from studies of stable isotopes which bioaccumulate up the food chain (like mercury in fish)? They clearly show that humans were eating herbivores, and even other carnivores – early modern humans, people just like us, but without an industrial food production & marketing system.
    Whatever. Namaste~

  2. DomDom

    sorry if you already answered my question in the video,but how do you suggest eating most of the meat?
    would it be better to eat cooked meat or maybe something like tartar or do you have other suggestions?

  3. 8triagrammer

    Great video, but I hate to say this: You're presenting some things here as facts that are actually highly debatable, specifically the origins of homo sapiens. There is evidence to suggest that homo sapiens are much older than we think and that there may have been some genetic manipulation involved. I'm not for or against meat, but consider the idea that different humans have different genetic markers in their DNA and will metabolize different foods in different ways. 

    I think you're doing great work, but the human diet is much more complex than we currently give credit for.

  4. Iconoclast

    Just my opinion, but Ive tried every diet under the sun to alleviate a lot of health issues Ive developed along the way, ocular migraines, acne, arthritis and just generally feeling shit. I was vegan for a few years, fruitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, you name it. But it was only after I went Ketogenic did I actually see alleviation from my illnesses. My mood is fantastic as well. Ive never felt better! The nay sayers of high fat low carb dont know what they're talking about.

  5. tatsu masa

    as most of people know that we, japanese get rice in our diet, which is true, but we actually started to eat (brown) rice about only 200 years ago, and it was only the few rich people. and then, everyone in japan was able to eat "the white" refined rice like today was actually after the WW2. about 60 some years ago. i don't know about the other part in asia, but for japanese, we've been eating rice for very short. just a note.

  6. Secrets of Longevity

    Things are very slow to change yes. In a 10,000 year period it might not be DNA changes to be exact but rather genetic expression. Like how a over many generations of selective breeding, deadly nightshade can become a tomato. There's very little genetically different, but rather the expression of those genes has changed very drastically.

  7. MrDiscoviking

    i found the oiling of America a very interesting seminar, also fat head is an eye opening documentary, both show the vilification of saturated fat & cholesterol. also the Icelandic people have some of the longest life spans on the planet around yr 2000 and they detest vegetables almost at a patriotic level. they eat a tonne of fish, mutton & grass fed dairy raw. buy grass fed produce ppl.

  8. Drumroll418

    I'm sure folks like Christ Masterjohn, Chris Kessler, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolfe, Dr. Loren Cordain, Dr. Peter Attia, and Gary Taubes would all love to hear your concerns and address them.

    I mean, hell, just look at the list of presentations for this year's "Ancestral Health Symposium" listed on the Ancestral Health Society's website.

    52 doctors and 96 presentations?

    Not well researched indeed.

  9. Drumroll418

    You know guys, there's an entire movement out there called the "ancestral health movement." This is hardly the first time I've heard someone try to make the arguments that are being made here. Why so hard up to bash one person?

    If you really care about this so much, maybe take a look at the entire movement as a whole and not just one person?

  10. Secrets of Longevity

    Your point holds no weight when you consider the time frames I discussed in the video. 2.6 millions years of evolution causes significant change to our anatomy. 10,000 years does not and most certainly 70 years of industrialized processed food definitely does not.

  11. Secrets of Longevity

    Because you watch the few that I made specifically to target ignorant people in the health world and they react with a child like mentality of "I'm going to down vote this because even though it makes sense I can't handle the truth".

  12. halken bro

    I feel like your justification and validity in eating meat has more to do with separating our diet from the current environment and replacing it with the "primitive" environment. Here's a thought, do you think that those in the "primitive times" were thinking they should eat like those preceding them? No, as you stated, they didn't. Due to environmental metamorphosis. So why are we trying to do that now?

  13. ProPaleo

    Hey Zac interesting video dude. Loved that 3 african dudes vs 13 lions video, those african hunters are badass! When are you going to talk about the benefits of Entomophagy-consumption of insects as food. I'd personally like to hear your perspective on the sustainability, economical and health aspects of this ancient practice, it would be interesting to say the least plus I hear many insects taste like our common meats.


  14. Joe Kohn

    Well done, "support my work…purchase products"- why don't you just sell meat instead of dietary suppliments…common man. Paleo man never did this…if your paleo commit. 

  15. KrystalMunkee

    Just because humans can eat meat, does not mean it is an optimal food. Yes, we need B12, but that can be stored in the liver for quite some time before causing us to issues. Even meat eaters are low in B12. EPA/DHA comes from fish, but also can be created by the body, so once again very small amount needed. We are NOTHING like carnivores in digestive system, body structure, etc. We are primates, which handle a wide variety, omnivorous, but thrive on fruits and vegetables. Meat should be limited.

  16. Evan Eberhardt

    Dissenters (vegetarians, and especially vegans) need to examine a ruminant (herbivore) digestive system versus that of a carnivora. They are drastically different. The evidence is irrefutable that human's guts evolved for meat consumption first and foremost. Type ruminant in wikipedia and read through the webpage and then tell me humans fit this description.

  17. Secrets of Longevity

    We haven't been around for trillions of years, millions, yes. Either way rape, murder and war have absolutely nothing to do with diet, nor have those been constructive parts of the human drive. Those things also increased with the advent of agriculture.

  18. Jared Bain

    Iodine protects from mercury and all the other chemicals in tap water.
    iodine actually gets those toxins out
    liver flushing to clean the liver out.

    theres no such thing as stronger/denser.
    thing of denser as in a cube made out block of wood and a block of steel

    the steel is denser yet its the same size, people that are super strong like back in the old days a 200lb man picks up a train axle yet his muscles arent denser, just stronger. 

  19. Jared Bain

    lack of iodine causes low testosterone by all those
    78,000 chemicals in tap water
    while its best to get all minerals,
    iodine+iodide needs a few minerals to make sure it sticks
    zinc selenium, and a few others that i cant think of
    fulvic acid is great source of minerals, and real pink himalyaion sea salt
    google optimallyorganic/com i love their fulvic acid
    adrenal problems are from lack of iodine + tonics damaging you adrenals like mercury


  20. Jared Bain

    when you get all the nutrition you need it gives your bones what they need, when you exercise your body can make use of exercise, and make your bones stronger.
    a few things people need to look into,
    Getting all minerals, aprox 88 – 92 + ormus elements in food.
    getting hormones in balance
    hcg to kick start testosterone production in men, after the body is saturated with iodine
    and those aphrodisiac's afterwards
    90% of all people on earth are iodine deficent

  21. Jared Bain

    I am agreeing with you, exercise is next after nutrition and being healthy is
    yet without the building blocks, aka minerals and ect.. your bone will just break like a stick
    health #1
    Nutrition #2
    Mind #3
    Exercise #4
    your body can withsand anything if you can stand it mentally
    your body will give out if your mind gives out your hope is lost
    even if you can do it normally, you wont be able to when you loose your cool / mind

  22. Jared Bain

    yes, you said, that exercise is the number one factor while nutrition is the most important factor because the "older" you get, the weaker you get w/o nutirition when you get old, makes you sick while having complete nutrition will keep you healthy without exercise, its important to get exercise, the point being is. if your older and your doing lots of exercise you will break a bone all the exercise in the world wont help your bones get strong only break

  23. Secrets of Longevity

    2.6 million years on meat, not 100,000. We've been considered humans more or less as we are today for 200,000. Only a fraction of the time that we've been meat devourers. You have a PROFOUND ability to ignore every single point I raise, thus why you are flat out wrong in everything you say. Keep living the lie.


    Zac primates ie humans gorillas chimps baboons took millions of years to develop on fruit and leaves 10 000 EVEN 100 000 YEARS means little in evolution read HARVARD study on PRIMATE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT 1994

  25. SCROGY

    The whole calories in vs calories out thing is overly simplified hogwash. It does not take into account HOW different macro nutrients are used by the body. This is why carbs are more fattening than fat. In fact fat itself is not fattening AT ALL. It's metabolically "inert" for lack of a better term, in humans. You cannot gain weight on a fat only diet but you can gain weight on a carbs only diet. It's how you are designed.

  26. SCROGY

    So what does that have to do with killing and eating wild game? There are no meat industry lobbyists in nature my friend. I don't need a doctor to tell me to kill a deer. We've been doing it for millions of years.

  27. SCROGY

    Clearly if you are stronger you can move more weight and thus both muscle and bones experience more stress thus getting stronger/denser. That wasn't the point. What I was stating is that beyond normal intake of nutrients there is nothing further that will make your bones stronger than stressing them. Niether muscle nor bones will get as much stronger thru further nutrient addition as they will thru strength training. Adding further calories or nutrients will do little to make them stronger.

  28. SCROGY

    Jesus man. You TOTTALY missed the entire point of this post. NOWHERE DID I MAKE A CONNECTION/CORRELATION BETWEEN BONE STRENGTH AND MUSCLE. I USED THEM AS SEPARATE EXAMPLES! You continue to make assumptions and logical fallacies in this debate.

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