The Science and Practice of Low-Carb Diets {Duke University Office Hours}

Duke University’s Dr. Eric Westman answers viewer questions about the Atkins diet during a live “Office Hours” webcast interview, January 19, 2012. Westman is the director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine program and co-author of “The New Atkins for a New You.” Moderating is James Todd from Duke’s Office of News and Communications. Learn more at


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    started keto diet this week. started taking wheatgrass yesterday. Having Rapid heartbeats. Woke up at 3am with Rapid heartbeats. Having them now, sitting up, or when lying down???? Help????

  2. Olle Carlsson

    I try to reintroduce carbs after 3 years without them but I keep getting serious depression, anxiety and insomnia everytime I try to get on them. Why on earth do I have problem digesting carbs now?? I'm desperate for a solution. Thanks!

  3. H Mura

    I am in low carb diet, I love the results, loose weight, high level of energy, and I want to pass the message to family and friends. I have family that have gout and i have learned that a high fat diet is a factor for gout. Can they go low carb high fat? Thanks

  4. Kenz300 x

    Cardio needs to be part of your everyday life style to live a healthy life……one easy way to introduce cardio is to ride a bicycle. Riding a bike is fun and good exercise plus you save money on transportation………walking, bicycles, mass transit and electric vehicles will all be part of making cities livable. Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
    Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers need to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health. Buy a child a bicycle……your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or donate one to a local charity as a fund raiser giveaway. You will change a life…………

  5. makeapennycry

    High carb low fat vegan diet for 5 years left me with a super high cholesterol and extra weight 30 pounds extra and a whole slew of health problems and deficiencies. I even took supplements and ate health food no vegan junk food. Went li carb higher fat, dropped my cholesterol by over a hundred points in two weeks and doing so much better. Losing weight and feeling great. I am a believer in the lo carb. Thank goodness for these doctors willing to speak out and take the mud slinging from those opposed.

  6. LightOfFaith

    in this century low carb is great because our grains are genetically modified and sugar is included everywhere.
    but i also say that you can not compare eskimos to everyone in the world.
    eskimos live in a different environment. you can not apply what eskimos eat to a hot asian or african environment example.  
    it has been studied that if you give eskimos vegetables they will develop health problems.
    so it is a yes and no. and people have to just get back to nature and find what is best for them

  7. Kenz300 x

    McDonalds and other fast food restaurants need to do more to make the food they sell healthier by reducing the fat, salt, sugar and additives in them. They should also pay their employees enough so that they are not below the poverty level and need to apply for government assistance to survive. These companies need to make more effort to take care of their customers health and employees well being. More advertising is not needed. Better (healthier) products are.
    Send an email to their customer service department asking for healthier food products.

  8. Amy Bloom

    All diet extremism is a scam. They are loose weight quick tricks. You are probably exploiting another area of your body to achieve the weight loss and then people just put the weight back of because they feel deprived. People just these magic diets appear better than what they are to sell the diet products and make money.
     Just eat a balanced healthy diet and count calories. If that is hard for you to do, just prepare your meals in advance, spend a day making your food and proportions for the week and put your meals in tupperware and date them. Also, move your body, exercise, get a step and step, dance, jump rope, ride your bike to work or the corner store. Feed your body good energy and use the energy. Some fats are OK, just use a little olive oil in your food, but measure the amount that you use. 
     People are fat, because of these extremist diets. Lose quick and gain it back. 
     Make a habit of eating right.

  9. Andrew Easson

    recent work has shown that a high-fat high-cholesterol (HFHC)
    meal induces oxidative and inflammatory stress in addition to inducing an
    increase in plasma endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide [LPS]) levels and the expression
    of Toll-like receptor (TLR)-4, the specific receptor for LPS (1). In contrast, a
    high-fiber and fruit meal does not induce any of these changes.
    RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— Fasting normal subjects were given 300-
    calorie drinks of either glucose, saturated fat as cream, orange juice, or only water to ingest. Blood samples were obtained at 0, 1, 3, and 5 h for analysis.
    CONCLUSIONS— Although both glucose and cream induce NF-B binding and an increase in the expression of SOCS3, TNF-, and IL-1 in MNCs, only cream caused an increase in LPS concentration and TLR-4 expression. Equicaloric amounts of orange juice or water did not induce a change in any of these indexes. These changes are relevant to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and insulin resistance.

    Diabetes Care 33:991–997, 2010 From the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, State University of New York at Buffalo and
    Kaleida Health, Buffalo, New York.

  10. GNP999

    this bonehead just contradicted himself again at 30:00…………if you want to exercise and go long distance, you may have to supplement your high fat diet with carbohydrate.  you said carbs are bad!  now you say you should have carbs for endurance sports!  ughhhhh, make up your mind

  11. sujeet ghimire

    such a waste of thoughts and times…what is the doctor's point? makes statements n statements and statements only. no efforts to convince but only convince he is a doctor which is needless as the presenter confirmed he was. he may be right but he is very poor unconvincing as he just makes statements. probably the worst  ever witnessed on this platform. what waste of my time………………………………..

  12. Lisa Edwards

    No, carbohydrates don't cause heartburn…incomplete digestion causes food to putrefy in the stomach and the regurg is only slightly acidic but burns the esophagus. With complete digestion heart burn disappears. Apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes work well.

  13. Lisa Edwards

    Low fat low cholesterol…killing us. Dr. Joel Wallach has been telling us this for years. But there's so much more. We must supplement with the essential 90 nutrients everyday.

  14. Soteria Charis

    As to the salt intake concerning heart disease/high blood pressure, I think the 'avoid salt' is old school thinking. Avoid refined white salt is what I'd say, but enjoy raw mineral rich salt instead. :)

  15. oneeyedboxer

    being an athlete , I tried a form of low carb diet to gain muscle mass and lose body fat and it worked ! I didn't change much about what I eat beside avoiding sugar and starch . Regardless there are other health benefits and also endurance is pretty high.

  16. DrR1pper

    in the video, Josh Sanchez said: "I don't think how much you eat is as important as what you eat… low carb diets are kind of a myth"

    massive brain fart….you just said it's what your eat (or another way of looking at it it's what you don't eat) that's more important and then just smashed it by saying the therefore low carb diets are a myth?!?!?!

    I find it very difficult to even compute that.

  17. Rachel Tania

    I've been low carb for four years more or less consistently, and maintain my weight this way. I love it. I keep the fat moderate (not high) and avoid a lot of animal products because I'm not huge on meat anyway. I'm 115 pounds, healthy, and doing great. I see people pushing low fat, high carb diets, but I just never felt well at all on those kinds of things. Constant stomach problems, bloating, water retention, weight was horrible. If I do splurge on carby foods during the holidays or something, within 1-2 days of going back to my low carb plan, I feel 100% better.

  18. falundafa

    Its rather high protein diet or raw food (high carb – fruits) diet. Both are good. It is not that carbs are bad, but carbs with fat – cause weight gain and health issues. Maybe it is best to alternate day of high protein and raw food (high carb), anyone tried it?

  19. misslilygish

    I have had so many health benefits since I started following a healthy low carb diet. The weight loss was just one of the benefits. I can not imagine ever going back to starving myself fat on a low fat, high carb diet ever again. I went through decades of torture on a 1200 calorie starvation diet trying to lose weight. No amount of exercise would help.  Now when I exercise it's because I have energy to burn, not to lose weight.

  20. Michael Mazepa

    I used to do low carb until I realized that this whole low carb craze is just a lazy way to try to eat less calories.  I have been eating upwards of 200 grams of carbs a day but keep myself in a slight caloric deficit and I have more energy, more strength, and have dropped 2% bodyfat in the past 2 months.  its all about the calories people!!!!

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