The amazing benefits of the low carb high fat diet on your health – Dr Robin Willcourt –

Diet & Optimal Performance – Dr Robin Willcourt

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Ever thought how much your diet affects your on the job performance?

Could team performance be more closely related to diet than company policy or training alone… Could powerful productivity boosts just be an avocado away… is that sandwich you’re packing sapping your brain power, and are the coffee with sugar and muffins ruining not just your long term memory, but also impacting you in other hidden ways that could see you hospital or aged care?

And how for the last 40 or more years we’ve been misdirected about what is good for us by some of those in positions of major influence including Governments, Doctors, Nutritionists, Food manufacturers and the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Leadership starts with leading yourself.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to play an active role in your healthcare and wellness decisions. This translates into how you lead and build the productivity of others.

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39 Replies to “The amazing benefits of the low carb high fat diet on your health – Dr Robin Willcourt –”

  1. Daniel Glover

    Since I started eating a high fat diet I'm no longer starving all the time. People say to eat more whole grain to stay fuller for longer, but this seems as a cheap substitute for fat.

  2. Shapie Nails

    Excellent Speech — Thank you Dr Willcourt  for telling the truth . Not sugar coating like the FDA is trying to do !! Most DR's will push pills before they mention diet & when you tell them you don't want PILLS .  They will push Carbs-grains , low fat foods & there is nothing wrong with GMO's  …  My DR pretty much told me this after I turned my health back around doing LHCF . She also said – That is what they are taught in medical school , but it's my life & body to do what I feel is Best . BTW with my weight lose & my blood work in normal ranges . She patted me on the shoulder & said – She wished all her  patients would take control of their health like me 🙂  Maybe "some" DR's are afraid to be disbarred telling people that the  So called AMERICAN  DIET Kills ???

  3. Rob W

    Let's discuss triglycerides (TGs)- DIETARY TGs do not cause any harm, it is the TGs transported in the blood stream that are associated with increased risk of heart disease but that does not mean TGs cause heart disease (CVD). It may simply be a reflection of an abnormal fat metabolism that is then intimately associated -or even causative. A high BLOOD TG level needs to be addressed. LCHF lowers TG very well for most people. On the cancer drug(s): cannabis is clearly in need of intensive investigation.

  4. Rob W

    Thank all of you again for your comments. Doctors are in a very difficult place when it comes to challenging the lies and corrupt science of the last 40 years. Dr Gary Fettke in Tasmania has been 'silenced' by the Medical Board of Australia — he can never talk to his patients about diet– ever! … Almost impossible to imagine. For those of you who have bought (and are buying) my book "Chasing Antelopes" a very big thanks. My next, a novel about massive global corruption at the highest levels is due out December 14, 2016. 'The Last Custodians: From Anthrax to Zika'

  5. Isaac Hunt

    this is the most coherent and well explained video on a ketogenic diet I have seen on YouTube thus far. I have been on this diet for nearly a year now eating predominantly saturated animal fats I had severe type 2 diabetes and in January this year was 18 stones in weight I have so far lost 38 kg which in English lbs is 84 lbs my diabetes has completely gone I have lost a massive 10 inches of my weight never done any exercise and now look like I go down the gym which I do not and at the age of 54 I consider an excellent achievement I no longer have to take diabetic medication( metformin) and my blood pressure is now better than normal I had severe cramps in my legs due to blocking of the arteries blood flow and also the onset of peripheral neuropathy losing the feeling in my feet and lower legs this has now been completely reversed I thoroughly recommend this diet to anyone the guy in this video is speaking the absolute truth!!!

  6. Grom Macs

    I lost my trust in what is said when triglyceride was said (17:40) to have 3 sugars attached to fat: these are derivatives of glycerol, CH2OH-CH(OH)-CH2OH, with some alkyl chains attached to them via a carbonyl link (esterified by fatty acids). So much so for the competence of the speaker!

  7. TheRosa63

    laws made by humans (which are legalism not true law as legalism only applies to those in contract with each other as say a member of a organization or society that is set up for a common purpose agreed to by contract) anyway they have imposed on people without right laws that do not apply to us (unless you have a bonfide contract) anyway I dont believe we evolved from apes or anything else, the best foods for us is vegetables, fruits, whole grains (minimal processing) and oils and fats from plants and meat is supposed to be a small amount, the carbs people are eating are junk, heavily processed high sugar low ntrients and fiber and phytochemical. but if your obese I see nothing wrong with eating a lower carb diet until you get to a healthier weight you want to be, before going to more healthier carbs, but if your happy with the diet why change it? if I like this diet I  have started and I can stick to ti with little pain and struggle I dont see a need to change it. but I am only been on it about 2 weeks. so just getting started. I dont believe that you ave to work on a empty stomach as a natural thing, adam and eve ate from the trees at will and did not have to work on a empty stomach. I have a feeling that as I progress that I will want to adjust according to my hunger, cravings, and what looks good and what doesnt.

  8. Wozitoya Dude

    The speaker is proposing to kill half of the world's population, eating high fat low carb would cost a lot. The money that supports a full month for carb diet is only capable for few days of the high fat diet. Men will die of starvation. High fat diet is only a game for the wealthy people. United States Government is in concerning of the general public health of lives, therefore high carb diet was proposed.

  9. Carroll Hoagland

    A bit shy 0nreal science here … but general correct … Physicians have abandoned the nutritional approach to patient diagnostics and medicine, simply because they are not trained in nutrition. A key part of the Hippocratic Oath … “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten … Just after WWII, the first warning were being reported in the news about the Refined-Carbohydrate Disease. Interestingly: In the 1930’s, food scientists realized that refined grains were not providing enough nutrients. Consumers, particularly children, were developing symptoms of malnutrition. (Irony 1) Thus, grain enrichment and fortification became standard. References to “The Saccharine Disease” started in 1956.70 Going On 100.

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