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  1. Brenda Joanne

    Great presentation. I'm a keto-er. When will governments actively advocate this life saving food plan? (I think calling it a diet might be a negative thing for some overweight people)

  2. Melba Campbell

    My friends first introduced me into the diet "fizy amazing plan", and i also googled it. I actually first learned about it by my buddies and I can`t think how much it has transformed my entire life. I have dropped 18 lbs so far and I feel wonderful.

  3. Paul Jagric

    Brave doctor-40 year ago i cured myself with high fat eating-then the damned media convinced me to start throwing egg yolks away-two years ago at 290 pounds and 74 I could not bend down to tie my shoes and took me 5 minutes to step out of the car-I started eating "good" butter bacon and lard again voila now -me no pain and 270 pounds and 75 years I feel a little better than so so-and can run -And thank you-for posting this video-

  4. Bruce McLaughlin

    OK so you have a high fat diet and eat only surface vegetables, drenched in butter. What about the cholesterol LDL and triglycerides ? Just had a not so nice reading of A1c and fasting blood at 16, so obviously my diet needs a bit of changing.

  5. Dawn E

    It's interesting that when people loss weight by low fat calorie restriction they often look older, but on low carb they look younger with weight loss. It must be because they don't lose muscle.

  6. Gman Dotcom

    funny thing . . . . my 3 yr. old son, still on the breast but also eating . . . we have never introduced him to garbage . . . cookies, candies, breads, etc. . . . . he has no taste for such things, and regularly turns them down if offered by someone before i can intervene . . . he saw some junk foods advertised on the internet through kids videos . . . . he wanted to try a donut, so i let him, 2 bites and he was done . . . on rare occasion we will have some fresh bread, not store-bought, and he uses it to eat things off of . . . . he loves meats and veges . . . . i can see what the human body naturally craves though him . . . . this info is spot-on!!!! it is a dirty shame how we are lied to by the food conglomerates to line their pockets with big bucks and the governments for population control . . . . i am saddened by the number of friends and family lost early on in life and even later on due to the cancerous disease laden garbage they feed us and call it food . . . . . it is truly a crime and one day those perpetrators will be judged for their heinous crimes against humanity . . . .

  7. Stewart Edmunds

    I just google to discover more about a diet plan I actually heard about via a close friend who just shed a whopping 12 pounds! I actually Googled the “fizy unique plan” straight away to learn more about this.

  8. Clint Dowd

    On a calorie deficit I've lost 10lbs.When on a high fat low carb diet i lost 25lbs in the same amount of time. It has been a total of 6 months and 6 months ago i was 306, now i am down to 258. Still a big boy but in 6 months i have lost a tremondous amount of weight.

  9. TheRosa63

    could the problem with high carb diets that lead to all these bad healthy outcomes has more to do with the processed carbs we all seem to be eating alot of and not carb food sources themselves? I mean what would happen if you ate beans in place of rice, yams instead of white potatoes? or eat only whole healthy carbs in portion control while increasing fat intake? what would  happne if you just stop eating rice, chips, granola bars, white and lower fiber bread and eat only beans, whole grain flours to make desserts mixing with almond flour,  lots of veggies and fresh fruits? carbs sources we have and eat alot of are very processed and contain very little nutrition that was mean to be there. so I am wondering, I have tried low carb before a few times and found it unsustainable and my body protested, so what if I just substituted healthy carb versions of things and only eat low carb desserts I make myself?

  10. Ron

    butter sales and obesity have literally nothing to do with each other. how about a study that tracks the amount of fat in people's diet you freaking liar

  11. Garage Fit Gainz

    I put on fat when I add isolated fats like, butter, tropical oils, olive oil. But I have no problem dropping fat when I just eat higher fat meats, seeds, and nuts. If you find your fat loss stalling, try replacing added isolated fats with higher fat whole foods.

  12. Jessica Carey

    If you want to see this way of eating at work, visit the Ketogenic Success facebook page. 40,000 or so people on that group, many people who have been on it for as many as 15 years. Lots of new people just starting out. 24/7 support. Thousands of before and afters, tons of recipes, ideas, all the info you could need to switch your lifestyle. #KetoOn

  13. Wendy duran

    Thanks so much for sharing I am glad to have found this video. I have been doing some research and just started LCHF a few days ago. I am desperately trying to not get to the point of needing insulin. My numbers are 260+. I am aware that people in insulin never get better they only get worst. I only have 4 days and have already lost 1 1/2 lb. I already feel better.

  14. Corrienne Wynnie

    the reason I think why low fat diets hardly worked is because people were starving their bodies of essential fats that were needed to sustain hunger!
    and so people were generally eating more food without realising just how much, without realising and causing weight gain
    generally if you eat the right amount of carbs and the right amount of fats..hunger is sustained and less likely to compensate by eating more than you should to compensate that hunger.. ;-)

  15. alex ubillus

    I really believe in this concept of cutting out refined grains and sugars and have tried this diet a few months ago but had such a bad reaction about a week into it that it made me stop in fear for my health. I now know it was probably a low blood sugar episode because of my body being used to producing all this insulin and when I cut the sugars out abruptly the insulin was still being produced at the sme levels as before and led to a hypoglycemic episode that made me feel horrible. If I try this diet again I was just wondering if this reaction happens again should I just work threw it? Can it actually hurt me physically? I was thinking maybe I should carry a blood glucose monitor and check it if I feel that way again and have some orange juice handy just in case LOL!!!

  16. Gentle Nurture

    Cherubim church, thanks for sharing this info. I have not seen any 'Christian' channels thus far sharing information on the keto diet and I believe also that our body is not our own, it's God's temple and we should treat it as such.

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