Response to Angelo John Gage On Our Ancestral Diet

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14 Replies to “Response to Angelo John Gage On Our Ancestral Diet”

  1. Victor Berrios

    Hey govan, how long have humans been consuming milk from other animals? I understand how we have killed and ate other animals, but I don't know how a human would have gone up to a cow and start drinking straight from the nipple. Also, is the human negatively affected from the estrogen of breast -feeding cows even though it is raw, organic, grass-fed, and unhomogenized? Any simple answer is fine, a video link would be perfect, Thanks.

  2. Geo Martin - Musicman

    Man I respect your work, but here you're are talking of things that happened millions of years ago like if you really knew this. I mean these are just theories, like human evolution and "pre-human species" that very little foundation in concrete evidence. There are other sources that don't agree with these ideas and are as valid. Too much mainstream science from your perspective on this topic. Although it's true what you say about strict veganism, humans from all ethnicities and regions have use animal products, just not in the scale and intensity we do nowadays.


    Serious Dis~information with this….. This is Pseudo~Science tailored to fit the narrow minded soul, unable to travel through the silver lining, and seek out real truths…. Might I suggest reading books by Dr. Norman W. Walker, who shared the actual KEYS to LONGEVITY. For someone so intelligent, you really are not intelligent whatsoever in regards to killing for food to eat…. Meat is acidic forming/ Mucous forming to the body. Consuming Meat lowers your vibrations, literally. The adrenals that secrete right before the animal is slaughtered taints ALL of the meat. Karma will NOT be nice to those who KILL innocent animals for food. Buy a JUICER and start Juicing. This is the fastest way to flood your cells with bioavailable enzymes needed for optimal cellular health. Our bodies are electric, and need live vibrational amino acids to fuel the trillion of cells we have…..Read ALL of his books, and understand his wise words, with an open mind and loving heart….. You are leading people a~stray with what you share in regards to this. I help those with cancer, and they can NOT eat any type of meat, for this only increases inflammations in the body. Wish you the best on your awakening. Thank you

  4. CharlesTRose

    Great vid.When I saw the AJC video about diet I thought this sounds like a guy who has been in the world of diets for a couple of months….we've all been there,the first thing that makes you feel better is the best diet ever.

  5. simcospc1

    I have had similar diet experience with regards to vegan diets and I totally agree with your conclusions.I love how you concisely give the information with reference and with a "no nonsense" approach.Love your videos vert much.

  6. Mic. the Vegan

    I am not a raw vegan, but I believe there is no reason that people can't thrive on a raw vegan diet. In a world where many disease are caused by processed foods and overconsumption, it's a perfect solution for some.
    I don't think anyone is saying that we have relied on cellulose for calories. Fruit certainly played a large role, but I have to say our intestines shrank as a result of cooked starches. The "eat brains to build brains" theory is not very convincing. Our brains were built on carbs. The brain burns 60% of our glucose, which is why access to ubiquitous starches built our brain, not eating rare, scavenged brains. It is way more efficient to get glucose from carbs than other sources.
    Fruits may not have been as large, but they were still substantial. Wild dates were not very different from their size today and were even a staple for neanderthals. They also ate a shit-ton of starches like wild wheat, etc:
    Meat was the majority of calories?! Citing Loren Cordain's research…He founded the Paleo diet and literally makes his living off the belief that people ate a lot of meat. Right on his website it says we have only been cooking for 75-125K years, but there is undeniable evidence that we have been cooking for at least 1 million years (not even worth citing).
    If we really are meant to eat meat, then how come the longest living culture on earth, the Okinawans, traditionally ate the least amount of meat of pretty much anywhere? (1-2% of total calories from all animal products in 1949, Page 10):'s_Longest-Lived_People_and_Its_Potential_Impact_on_Morbidity_and_Life_Span
    I understand your caution, especially if your raw vegan diet was a gourmet/high fat diet. A more fruitarian-style diet is conducive to success.
    As for protein, the best protein is human flesh. Not a reason to eat it. Not a reason to eat animals. We have no problems with protein as a society, but plenty of problems from too much.

  7. The Brain Of Eden

    I think the interesting this is that, it seems to me, meat really doesn't have much of an appeal to humans, especially without salt, oil and charring which is dangerous in itself. Fruit on the other hand is visually beautiful, smells good and tastes great without processing.

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