Low Carb VS Keto?!? What’s The Difference?

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34 Replies to “Low Carb VS Keto?!? What’s The Difference?”

  1. E. Richard Chetz

    You really need to expand you vocabulary man. It's extremely annoying when you throw F bombs every 30 seconds!!!

    I am not saying this because I am offended but because I want to keep watching your channel. You have tons of great info but come on man, you really come off as unintelligent when you cuss so much

  2. theSTIG Matei

    hey man what do you recommend for me to do, I lose weight fast. I've always been skinny and usually eat 2000 cal a day I'm 5,8. I tried keto but feel really light headed but was able to drop from 170 to 150 and was ridiculous shredded, then I gained weight lean to 170. I will try low carb and combine keto on some days

  3. Katina Jenkins

    I googled about "fizy unique plan" & started pursuing this guidebook minutely. The result was quite wonderful. You would be shocked to know that I lost all over 9.5 pounds just simply in a few days.

  4. Ana Buchholtz

    Incredible success! I cannot say enough about exactly how wonderful the “loli special plan” is. If you aren’t familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be amazed by just what you discover.

  5. josh vizi

    i do keto and feel fuckin amazing. i can cruise through the whole diet without changing anything other then increasing cardio by 5 min per week. never have a sticking point. i love it

  6. Belle

    Yikes!  You talked a little too fast for me but still picked up some good points.  Hope you make another video and slow it down a bit for us who don't know as much.  Thanks!

  7. Don Taylor

    You need to stay in Keto for awhile before you know how it feels. The first two weeks you get light-headed and dizzy at times, but once you break though you feel awesome ! Keto is something you just don't try for a few days. Not like hitting the gym for a few days, and stopping because your muscles are sore haha…   its really a lifestyle.

  8. Underline truth

    I don't think that I'm carb sensitive because even f eat a lot I'm fine I don't gain a lot of weight and can lose weight while eating carbs but psychologically I feel bad and so uncomfortable, my heart always fast beating, my mood is bad and I had a pain in the chest that I couldn't explain, and when I eat simple carbs I can't seem to stop and start craving them all the time but they still don't change my physically a lot. When I started Atkins diet and I'm around 50g of carbs and I'm now on my sixth day, I feel so good and more calm than before, my anxiety is better than I ever felt before. I want to stay on Atkins but I don't want my body to adapt to this completely, should I once a week ass oat meal and sweet potato and rise the carbs from 50g to 100g ? My goal here is to gain muscles and be fit not just be skin and bones.

  9. Glenn Maled

    I love Weight loss green store Tea… At first I was skeptical because I was an obesity women. I was hopeless. Oh my goodness, it's the best tasting Tea I have ever. I would recommend this Tea to everyone because it's that good and it works. I lost 20 lbs in one month 🙂 I’m not obesite anymore! You may check Weight Loss GreenStore.

  10. Shawn Jennings

    You know what I have watched your videos before and today was the first time I heard anyone link carbs to water retention. Thank You that actually answered questions in my eating choices.

  11. Owen Chase science channel

    bios3training I'm a type 2 diabetic that means even more reason I have to lower my carbs, what do I do about the low blood sugar and the nauseous feeling I get when I go low on my carbs? love your videos learned a lot from them and appreciate any advice that you have.

  12. Amedeo Conta

    I'm like you I saw results on the ketogenic thing but I felt terrible and really tired. Soni switched to a moderate carb 100-200g per day with a Intermittent fasting thing i squeeze my meals in from noon to 8pm.

  13. Mickey Maus

    What people here need to be concerned with in the high protein diets is that AGEs (advanced gylcation end products) formed heavily from meat consumption are going to have a negative impact on your health and accelerate aging. Ignoring this in your 20s and 30s when you are forgoing health for vanity will cost you in your later years of life. Granted, nothing is certain. Find a healthy balance.

  14. Mickey Maus

    The thingy is. The brain uses 20% of all the bodies energy in the form of glucose, normally. When your blood sugar is getting low and the body turns on ketones to fuel the brain to prevent your from passing out and dying, this is not the preferred fuel for the brain. This is not what your brain wants instead of glucose. You won't feel as good. When generalizing about the bodies regulatory mechanisms, the analogies aren't always a simple case of negative feedback loops. Sometimes it's more complex involving multiple organs. To attempt to manipulate your bodies gene expressions, or protein production is not smart for the sake of vanity of physique. There are more factors to consider and people with minor health concerns can be complicating matters needlessly. Work with your body and not against it. If you are having uncontrollable hunger cravings, and there are no genetic problems with that, then perhaps it's time to change your diet to something recommended by the medical and nutritional regulating bodies.

  15. Adnaan Ravat

    Ok so I'm convinced to try the the keto diet so what do i do? Do i cut carbs immediately? Or do i reduce it slowly , and is there a list of foods i can and cannot eat ? Need more info plz

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