Low Carb Full Day of Eating!

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12 Replies to “Low Carb Full Day of Eating!”

  1. pellegrino pool

    did u notice how in the gym the 'zombies' =people busy w/ their smartphones ALWAYS look like shit. often wonder why they bother coming 2 gym & hog up a station 2 play w/ phone. anyway. i c how u come in w/ FOCUS. then leave! so do i. i'm 69 & still start most days in the gym. focused. i am in better shape -12 pack included than 95% of the guys in my gym. guys of any age. my POINT is 'keep it up my bro'…. live long & stay muscular
    1 thing as an OLD b.b. consider swapping the cereal 4 a sweet pot. btw capt'n crunch is NOT a complex carb. it's actually not the best thing 4 ur body

  2. Ana Buchholtz

    Fabulous success! I cannot tell you enough about exactly how terrific the “loli special plan” is. If you are not familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be surprised by just what you learn.

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