Low Carb Diet Before and After

Low Carb Diet Before and After Part 1: So, how did it all get started? Kathleen Hart goes briefly into how she got started on her low carb journey by sharing her low carb diet before and after.

If there are any questions that she did not answer please comment them below! This is Low Carb Diet Before and After Part 1 of many!

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13 Replies to “Low Carb Diet Before and After”

  1. Karolina Ciucias

    You look beautiful! Thank you for the video and your enthusiasm:) I'm just starting on the journey of low carb eating. Could you tell me how many carbs did you eat to lose weight? I'm 196 pounds and 5'7. I'm planning on 75 grams a day. Is it too much? I don't need to lose weight extra fast but it would be nice to make a decent progress:)) will be following your channel:))

  2. Hassan S

    I was doing a water fast, lost mad weight but the headaches were too much. Now I'm doing a calorie restricted low carb diet and hope this will be more sustainable.

  3. Sariah Meriou

    Thankyou for the great info you look fantastic I have just begun low carb so I'm still navigating . I always like to take time out of my day to have a coffee and I've been looking at carb count of maybe having a small yogurt or a piece of cheese with coffee rather than a bikky or chocolate.

  4. PierceThe Horizon

    I just wish I didn't have to commit the rest of my life to eating low carb 🙁
    I can handle it but I always end up binging after a few days. I'm at a cross between low carb diet and just going vegan. I feel like I have more options with going high carb low fat vegan.

  5. FemBot

    Great videos! Thanks for taking the time to make them :). I am in week 3 and have lost around 11 pounds so far. I took 3 weeks to just adjust to eating this way and didn't really count my macros, I just cut out grain carbs. This week I started counting my macros and I am doing really well! I know I have lost much more inches than weight on the scale so I am so happy about that. I also love love love the fact that I am not hungry all the time and can go hours without eating! This is the only thing that has worked for me. You guys both look fantastic :)

  6. FemBot

    It is really weird but I have always been a very healthy eater. I might have some chips here and there but 90% of the time I ate really well, I was a vegan for a few years and gained so so so much weight from so called healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potato, peppers and quinoa. This idea that obese people are only eating mcdonalds, coke or subs and chips drives me crazy because I was so healthy, or so I thought. Now that I am eating more fat and protein I am FINALLY losing weight. I see skinny people at the grocery store with their carts full of pure crap and sugar yet they are skinny so not considered "unhealthy". It is infuriating!! My point is stop judging people as being fat because they eat crap. Not all overweight people are eating mcdonalds!

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