Lee Priest and High Fat Low Carb Diets

Lee Priest is asked about his usage of the high fat and low carb diets. Lee is well renowned for his healthy appetite. So can he survive without carbohydrates? Is this his secret to his recent insane conditioning at the Mr Universe.

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35 Replies to “Lee Priest and High Fat Low Carb Diets”

  1. Katina Jenkins

    I googled about "fizy unique plan" & started pursuing this guidebook minutely. The result had been fairly impressive. You might be shocked to find out that I lost about 12 pounds simply in a 7 days.

  2. Luke Byrne

    At the end of the day, juiced up to the gills or not, eating CLEAN is the key factor in achieving an aesthetic physique. As a natty myself, I've found that you can train till your dick falls off, but if your diet is wank, your results will reflect it. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

  3. Glenn Maled

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  4. snapascrew

    i love the 33/33/33 macro approach.
    minimum protein goal
    maximum calorie goal
    everything else is cool, and i just pay attention to the timing of my macros (which i dont count) through out the day.

  5. Seven.

    Sam you should tell lee to use stevia instead of equal. It tastes like sugar but is naturally 90% lower in calories and is all natural. It makes dieting way easier

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