Keto Diet Grocery Haul | High Fat & Low Carb

*Edit* I realize I forgot to mention the pepperonis! But for real they’re great! =D

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26 Replies to “Keto Diet Grocery Haul | High Fat & Low Carb”

  1. Jake Leausa

    dang bro this vid really helped out man! soda has been the hardest thing for me to cut out but I think having it once in a while especially diet soda will help that craving go away. also I was wondering how you adjusted to the kit diet did u go through any withdraws switching from carbs to fats?

  2. Tay Zavala

    I can't believe I just found your channel! You're so informative it's awesome! I looked into this type of dieting but can't jump into it since I've hired a coach to prep me for my first figure competition! What is your take on white monster?

  3. Robert Tomassini

    I know how to calculate my TDEE, but how did you decide on macros for keto diet? I currently do 1 gram of Protein per pound. So should I do 20 grams of carbs and have the rest of my calories come from fat?

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