Indian Bodybuilding Diet | Full day of Eating | Low Carb

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35 Replies to “Indian Bodybuilding Diet | Full day of Eating | Low Carb”

  1. Katina Jenkins

    I googled about "fizy unique plan" & started pursuing this guidebook minutely. The result was quite amazing. You would likely be amazed to know that I dropped all over 9.5 pounds just simply in a week.

  2. Luis Cora

    This is my first time writing one because I am not a pretender I am a true person. I was an obesity person last year so I decided to weight loss and rate Weight Loss GreenStore Tea! because this is the only diet Tea that works with no obvious side effect. This Tea suppresses my appetite without the nauseous feeling. This Tea helps me to loose Weight slowly. Thanks Weight loss greenstore.

  3. SKtheGEEK

    i am a big fan if your videos . there are few indian channel who share so much channel and i am very thankful for that. i have some question.
    can i take this kind of breakfast in bulking . or what should i modify ?
    you have everything related to cutting here . so is there any series for bulking in your channel. it would be very helpful .

  4. Debasish Kumar

    hey shreyas… I have become a big fan from past couple of days…the way u guide people for workouts and for diet 🙂 I am a software engineer in Bangalore.

    I have just started my workouts 20 days back and controlling my diet upto the mark. I have lost 2.5 Kg in 20 days 🙂

    So here my question is …should I have a weekly chart of diet plan, or I can have a regular plan of diet? My daily breakfast starts with sprouts, egg white, some bananas and if possible some bread. So can I continue this same diet daily or I should keep on changing?

    And about my lunch i have roti and veg curry with less oil and fat and same in dinner as well. Evening I used to have some salad or biscuits or sandwich and around 200g of milk. So what do u suggest? is my daily diet correct? if u can suggest me some weekly chart of diet plans, then it will be really very helpful dude. 🙂

    Keep supporting and guiding us… 🙂 I support u :)

  5. manu govind

    Cutting n bulking is literarly messing up with metabolism….if one goes cut n bulk during teens it will seriously damage endocrine system. Teenage is best time for providing good amount of calories, nutrients, minerals, n fibre from whole foods fish fruits veggies and moderate amount of meat..dnt waste time on mindless cutting n bulking. ..six pack is no sign of health.

  6. Noah Gurjar

    I enjoy watching your cooking videos and nutrition advice very much.  They are very informative.  To be very honest, I first started learning about bodybuilding meal cooking from your videos.  I have observed you eat chicken as your main diet portion.  I eat chicken once or twice a week, but i want to incorporate eating chicken into my diet for protein source almost everyday but I am from Gujarat and have heard many things about how they raise chicken, like giving them antibiotics and I am also not sure what they are given for eating. So is it safe to eat chicken everyday?  I would appreciate your input and also is it safe to eat more than two egg yolks everyday?

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