Dr. Ron Rosedale – ‘The Early Ancestral Connection Between Protein, Cancer, Aging and TOR’

Dr. Ron Rosedale is an Internationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine and is with one of the founding fathers of the modern low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet community.

Dr. Rosedale is a pioneer in applying concepts based on the biology of aging to reversing diabetes and heart disease through a nutritional approach that he developed to improve the cell function. His classic 2004 book ‘The Rosedale Diet’ outlines the key nutritional approach that has become a standard bearer for the healthy way to doing a low-carb diet successfully.

Dr. Rosedale was founder of the Rosedale Center, co-founder of the Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine (Boulder, CO USA) and founder of the Carolina Center of Metabolic Medicine (Asheville, NC). Through these centers, he has helped thousands suffering from so-called incurable diseases to regain their health.

As a keynote speaker, he has appeared before such prestigious groups as the Eighth Congressional International Medical Conference on Molecular Medicine, the First European Conference on Longevity Medicine and Quality of Life, and many more. He has been a guest on numerous national radio and television news shows. Dr. Rosedale’s work has also been the subject of various newspaper articles.


24 Replies to “Dr. Ron Rosedale – ‘The Early Ancestral Connection Between Protein, Cancer, Aging and TOR’”

  1. Chet Roman

    How can you be on a high protein diet and still be in ketosis, as Rosedale states, when protein is anti-ketogenic. As I understand it, when you have a diet high (he never mentions % but surely he means over 30+%) in protein the liver through glycogenesis will produce carbohydrates which will knock you out of ketosis.

  2. Carroll Hoagland

    No it sounds like downtown LA .. but if you watch Dr. Bonnie Bassler's videos .. .you get a better understanding of Cell Communications … a 2 billion year process to evolve … and Photosynthesis was a major change in cell metabolism, but we still have remnants of the original pre-photo metabolism. And protein is an issue, as we really do not need very much (max 75g/day) … and there was no glucose in the oceans of primordial … they were lipids and acids … There is NO known carbohydrate deficiency disease, whereas this is not true of proteins and fats/lipids >> implies we are designed to run on Ketones … carbohydrate diseases are New!

    Right Paleo has nothing to do with cell biology … I follow Dr. Ames "Triage Theory" and nature "Does Care" as it picks survival mechanisms … short term survival over long term survival .. highly dependent on nutrition … you only "Caramelize" if you have nutrient deficiencies … and Longevity Mechanism have now been shown … example is Vit K and blood clotting. also, stem cells live forever … and repair telemeres.

    70 Going On 100

  3. Jefferdaughter

    While I respect a lot of what Rosedale says, humans had a long reproductive life- unlike salmon that spawn and then die. Or animals whose offspring reach reproductive age at or under a year. Humans are born helpless and remain so for a long time.    The survival and the reproductive success of the next generation of humans is greatly enhanced  by the survival of the parents, and even grandparents- so this 'have a baby then die' thing does not really make sense.

  4. Michelle Proctor

    Ketoginic is saving my life ! I'm off two blood pressure pills since 2001 & thyroid I was told by my doctor I'd be on The rest of my life ! And in 2011 I found out I have Philadelphia crom 22 leukemia I'm down 1/2 on that meds " I stared Ketoginic life style aug 2015 wow how my life has changed I feel amazing " I sleep like I'm 20 at 56 my energy is is amazing and only one side effect to the Ketoginic is you my lose weight ! I'v tried for 32 years to lose and I'm down 49. Lbs since August ! Life is good again " I'll never go back to the SAD diet !!!! Each week I feel better & better ! And the doctors don't say or ask any thing my blood work is great ! They just don't care how or why ! They can't make any money if we are not sick

  5. NeonAera

    Wow. Very interesting info. Looks like it just isn't about supporting mitochondria health, telomeres, antioxidants, etc for longevity.. but also about controlling mTOR.

    Subscribed and liked! :p

    Thanks, Ron for the great details, data, and presentation. Enjoyed some of the humor and funny comments put in the presentation as well.

  6. fukthegoog

    So it's finally happened… EVERYTHING is bad for you, just stop eating. Could see this coming years ago… though this guy still says fat is OK. But for years we've been told fat is bad, so yeah, just stop eating, food will give you cancer and kill you. So will water. Don't eat or drink anything, ever, and you'll be fine. In fact right next to this video I see one titled "AIC 2016 Panel: Eating dangerously – why should you be worried about consuming fat"….

  7. Gongo Xin

    I found this study that shows high fat diet activates mTOR1C. Please help me understand difference. Appreciate your comment.
    Khamzina L, Veilleux A, Bergeron S, Marette A. Increased activation of the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway in liver and skeletal muscle of obese rats: possible involvement in obesity-linked insulin resistance. Endocrinology. 2005;146(3):1473–1481

  8. 45von

    Many times when a Q-A part is omitted or Heavily edited it is because there are things brought up that are contrary to the message…
    Rather than addressing these issues it is often more expedient to omit them.

  9. Mike Hewlett

    Im on a paleo diet and I do the best with huge amounts of salads some fruit and a little meat, sometimes no meat all day.
    Lot of people think paleo is tons of meat, but its not in any way.
    When you start to get healthy your really dont crave meat that much, you crave more fruits and veggies, then maybe after a hard days work you will crave nothing but meat.
    Protein becomes bad when you dont use it up from exercise. Sitting and watching tv or sitting at a computer all day for work and eating a high protein diet is death waiting to happen. You body will know when to eat protein or when not to if its not dipped in a pure sugar sauce with tons of salt.
    Once again this just shows the mediteranian diet is one of the better ones if you want to live longer, maybe not so good if you want to grow muscle and look like an ape at the gym.

  10. InevitablePast

    But keeping mTOR, IGF, and insulin chronically low forever may not provide those maintenance and repair benefits over the long-term. There surely must be sacrifices in other aspects of health. Immune function is an example of one such sacrifice. I feel it would be best to be cyclical with this

  11. Walser09FilmAffinity

    He says nature, nature want…It is not so simple. It was clear that we wanted, I think we want, the organism want thrive, and while thriving we are getting more complex. Nature want many things, maybe infinite things who knows, but one thing is sure, we evolve constantly with or against nature. Nature, at the beginning wanted a cellular organism and then, look it around…

  12. kipling1957

    "nature" cares? "nature" doesn't care? I guess that this talk may be pitched for mostly non-scientists – but there is far too much personification of evolution by natural selection for my comfort level.

  13. ylluminate

    So the question becomes: how to optimize ketogenic diets IN A PRACTICAL MANNER to facilitate this? Keto diets are already a real challenge for many of us who live in various communities with limited dietary options, this seems to add a wrinkle…

  14. Drake Santiago

    Dr. Ron Rosedale has to be applauded for being a pioneer when speaking about insulin, with respect to aging. While now, among the low carb community, it is commonly talked about, it was seldom spoken of back when Dr. Rosedale first started to speak of it.

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