Diet Tips! My experience with a low calorie diet VS a low carb diet for weight loss. Both can lead to fat loss and help you reach your goals! However, my advice would be to focus on good quality food in order to target fat, and still maintain muscle.


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  1. Ana Buchholtz

    I dropped 10.8 pounds. I cannot say enough about how great the “loli special plan” is. If you aren’t familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be shocked by what you learn.

  2. Adda

    I've had issues with controlling my appetite for a while. I know each product may have different results and effects, however for me nothing has worked as good. I do not have the same appetite and do not snack at my desk all the time either. I've dropped over 16 pounds in two months and am very very happy with this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product.

  3. Juli Paris

    What you Said about gaining weight is wroooong Sam? its not about the calories??? Its about WHAT you eat, a calorie is not just a calorie. Go vegan and you can eat all you want pretty much, and you Will have maximum energy, the weight will DROP. unless you have been calorie restricting and fucked up your metabolism. Totally agree about weighing yourself tho, its just bullshit. You have mucsles and fat, is you try to lose weight by calorie restriction you Will loose muscle mass as well, another thing is that its not ideal to let your body run on fat so eat up!!! And be vegan, so you never have to Starve again. Trust me its not even expensive, please tell me about how eating mcdonalds has saved you a fortune..( not talking Sam)GO VEGAN SAM.

  4. Shannon Hurley

    You don't lose muscle from eating "bad quality" food. You lose it from restricting carbs and/or calories while working out at a high intensity. this often happens when people who are within a healthy weight range go all out at the gym in a fasted state. No hate, just wanted to point this out since I've learned about this in several of my college courses.

  5. Admona Blora

    I was very skeptical to my life because I was an obesity person .Weight loss greenstore Tea is simply amazing!, Well, let me tell you, it was SO worth the price! I've been drinking it for about 3 weeks. The first week I only drank it twice a day and missed a day or 2 in there due to not remembering. That first week I lost only about 3 lbs. The second week I've been drinking it three times a day for the most part and have lost about 6-7 lbs more than the 1st week, for a total of about 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks. I found it from Weight loss greenstore!!

  6. Harry Victoral

    After using this product for only 6 weeks, I lost a total of 9 pounds, my goal. I've tried for a year to lose any weight yet the pounds kept slowly climbing up. My activity level did not change, but my appetite seemed to be more controlled. I only take 2 capsules in the morning right when I wake up. I found it hard to time the pills with mid day meals and it still seems to work. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results and will continue to use this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product.

  7. lyssabee

    I know you said you eat fruits and vegetables, but fruits are filled with carbs! Do you set a carb limit for yourself?? I'm trying to figure out what works best for me. I combine low carb and counting calories!

  8. Ashley Glass

    I do the low carb trick! I've tried everything possible, and I used to count calories, but it became exhausting. I also became obsessed with the numbers, and definitely ate foods that were bad simply bc I could. Now I practice the low carb. The trick with low carb is replacing high carb foods (pasta, bread, pizza) with vegetables, nuts, or lean meats, just healthier foods. I also noticed that with this I eat less processed food. I simply try to avoid Frozen, Processed, and Packaged foods (I ask myself before I eat, does it avoid FPP?) I find that this has helped me amazingly! I feel better and I look better for sure. You're tips are certainly helpful, and I hope people take your advice.

  9. Mari Snyder

    these vegans need to stop pushing their beliefs on everyone! certain diets work for certain people and you guys just need to except it. everyone stop hating on sam.. if you don't like what she's saying, exit out of the video! its as easy as that.

  10. Amie Eve

    Hey Sam can you help get kick start on my weigh loss journey I gain so much weigh I feel uncomfortable in my self am so unfit I can get butt moving I need good advice as wen I try an diet I feel hungry all the time xx

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