Carb Cycling Shredding Diet | Meal By Meal | Low Carb Day Pt. 1

Pt. 1 (Low Carb Day) –

Pt. 2 (Medium Carb Day) –

Pt. 3 (High Carb Day) –

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41 Replies to “Carb Cycling Shredding Diet | Meal By Meal | Low Carb Day Pt. 1”

  1. Mantas Lukošiūnas

    Mate nice stuff! im reached 11% BF with keto, and stop losing fat, thinking maybe leptin guilty for it. now started carb cycling this looks like going better! Question: why no dairy/ milk products in your diet? as i see lot of contest prep atletes cuts dairy/milk before last cutting phase, why? 2. Is its better to have 2-4 bigger meals and introduce IF, then eating small portions all day?

  2. Steve Sperry

    Hi, I just joined your channel. This is the 2nd vid I watched, the first was on IF. Do you combine the 2 together? And what constitutes low, medium, and high carb in terms of grams of CHO? Do you base it off of the % of total calories for each day to give an individual a baseline to go off of?

  3. Michelle Boyd

    There's a good chance you've already mentioned it but what does your training split look like paired up with you carb cycle? I'm at a stand still so not sure if my outline is working for me. I'm switching it up and going to give 3 consecutive low days a shot.

  4. Oki Games

    i've noticed that i when i'm in the keto diet i noticed that i have random headaches, but my body is making me sleep 8+ hours, i am wanting to try this diet when i am ready! keep them up i love your videos about nutrition! :)

  5. jhah1812

    You are freaking awesome! I've been trying to drop weight for 2 years. I've been gathering things from your videos and in the past week I've dropped 5lbs. Started off 225 and down to 220 my ideal weight is around 200 and to be about as lean as you are. lol I have a TON of work to do. But you've got to start somewhere right!

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