Ancestral Diets Were Mainly HIGH Carb – Evelyn Kocur – Kill The Guru

‘Look at what all of the indigenous cultures have been eating for at least the last 300 years. It was mostly very low fat, relatively low protein and very high carb…. It’s a total myth that humanity in general was anywhere near a low carb, high fat society….’

In this short clip Evelyn talks about ancestral diets and how they were largely high carb, contrary to popular opinion promoted by influential Paleo gurus.

This clip was taken from Episode 13 of Kill The Guru – In Defence of Carbohydrates.

Check out the full episode here:


2 Replies to “Ancestral Diets Were Mainly HIGH Carb – Evelyn Kocur – Kill The Guru”

  1. Scott Claremont

    She is rather incorrect in her assertions of "cultures" throughout history eating mainly carbs. This is not true. Some did, but if you look at most modern-day hunter gathers they ate fat as their main calorie source, followed by moderate carb and low to moderate protein.

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