100lbs Weight Loss on a Low-Carb Diet

To all low-carbers thinking that high fat diet will make you slim. Use some common sense and start smashing the carbs. It is called FAT for a reason!!!!!!!


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  1. Zoritsa Nepenthe

    You need do some more research. Have you ever actually asked anyone who's living a keto lifestyle what their health providers say? Of all the keto groups I'm in, most people have gone off meds for type 2 diabetes and high BP meds. I've also seen results of blood work before and after a keto lifestyle change, and the results were staggering. Their blood work improved, even though they increased their fats, which would make the (At least in the US) government groan and whine after years of brainwashing the people.

    Now, that's not to say that keto is right for everyone…because we are all different. So, while you may do well on your way of eating, you shouldn't crush other peoples successes and tell people that their way is wrong. I'm glad you do well with your way of eating….but I'm not successful unless I am low carb high fat. It's just how my body is. You do you….and let everyone else do them.

  2. wymasa1

    I wonder why most of the videos I see calling out other Youtubers for their way of eating are vegans? For people who care so much about the welfare of animals, you are all extremely vicious to other humans not exactly like you. Just live your lifestyle and if people see what you are doing as something that would be good for them, they will ASK you for advice.

    Right now, as I type this, there are 666 views. Fitting.

  3. Tess Weight Loss Journey

    Low carb is great way to lose weight. You have no idea what you are talking, it helps if you know more about what you are talking. Seriously you are a vegan??? Lmao, yeah, correct your diet before you try to correct others!!!

    Just cause you choose to eat vegan, don't try to push it on others. Vegan is not healthy way to be.

  4. Betty Ballin

    you clearly know nothing about nutrition. i was a high carb vegan for a year and gained a lot of weight, did not feel my best, had brain fog, acne, heavy food cravings (i could eat all day) , hair loss, sleep problems etc. Once I started a low carb high fat vegan diet, cutting all simple carbs and gluten, all my problems where gone and I lost all the weight I gained. I eat a lot of healthy fats now like nuts, seeds and avocado and flaxseed oil for omega 3 and DHA. I feel really satisfied now after any meal and all my cravings went away. Please do your research and dont believe everything random youtubers say who do not even have education in nutrition.

  5. LeenR R

    this video RIGHT ON POINT. I don't know why these people can't get over health damaging pus filled butter cheese and animal fat like eggs meat bacon etc. I don't know why can't they see.

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