1 Month Keto Progress Results | Keto Diet | Low Carb Diet Results

Check out this video as we update you guys on our 1 month keto progress results.

Thank you for following our Keto weight loss journeys.

Watch the video to find out how much weight we’ve lost, our November challenges, and our December goals.

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Pinky: -34 lbs
Solenna: -8 lbs

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10 Replies to “1 Month Keto Progress Results | Keto Diet | Low Carb Diet Results”

  1. Grandma DC

    I can tell you girls are losing, yes you can see it in your face…I think the oily skin is good for us…less wrinkles…lol…you don't have to worry about that right now…but later in life?…uh huh…:) keep up the good affirmations…any thing lower is lower, even maintaining is lower to me…healthier, feeling good is the big picture…you both are beautiful…

  2. munageesi

    I lost 15 pounds in 8 days and these are my first 8 days but I am more tired. Going up the stairs didn't bother me before but it does now and I find myself out of breath really easily. Do you guys have any recommendations? Should I exercise because I don't since I get so tired with basic physical tasks. I also want to lose 100 pounds. Congrats on the 34 pound weight loss btw! That's a great achievement. And loved the video. It's all in the head for sure! Mind over matter!

  3. Zoeyw1

    great video guys it's very encouraging to see your progress. my goals are to exercise at least 3 times a week, to eat more salads as well as find more low carb snacks, as I have a tendency to binge eat if I deny myself from eating when I'm hungry.

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