Whole Broth: Take bone broth to the next level, the ancestral level!

A lot of people are realizing the importance of taking advantage of the whole animal and not only the flesh. We only eat meat when meat is not the most nutritious part of the animal. In this video, I show my lovely viewers a way of making Whole Broth. 3 parts of the animal + 3 herbs. This is the next level after bone broth and the ancestral way of making it. If you cannot eat internal organs, drink the broth. If you have mistreated your body for many years, if you’re lacking nutritious by constantly being hungry. If you have reduced the amount of food you’re intaking, if you’ve changed your style of eating and are feeling something is missing, this is the broth for you to make and have. This will heal a lot of diseases, will make you strong and will help you adjust to your new healthy lifestyle. Enjoy in good health!

– Animal bones.
– Fatty meat.
– Any internal organs chopped up.
(preferably all grass-fed and clean)

– Marjoram
– Oregano
– Tarragon
All organic preferably.



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35 Replies to “Whole Broth: Take bone broth to the next level, the ancestral level!”

  1. Joey Powers

    Hi Terra, I tried this whole broth receipe and it worked fantastically well and so simple I love the taste I love putting the whole herb but I end up with the leaves mixed in with my marrow. I think I might try again with the herbs in a muslin bag, would this would work?
    None the less I love the cartilage and the marrow.

    I love your ethos of sharing information, you are a gift from the heavens, so thank you for being my teacher. For all the other viewers and myself I just want to say thank you for teaching us

  2. Umi imU

    Sweet heart you are missing the vital ingredient for optimal nutritional benefit from your broth.. two-three tablespoons of acid ie, applecider vinegar, lemmon, or lime. This helps draw out all of the highly desirable minerals from the bones ~ also, low and slow.. I never boil, always low simmer my bones from 48-72 hrs, and like our ancesters always, add fresh bones after the initial 48hr strain to the old bones and then strain every 24hrs after for endless whole broth. Throw bones out after a week, then begin again with fresh bones ~ I think you would really love to watch this amanzing lecture on the history and ancestrory of Bone Broth http://youtu.be/3ZrgETZzb0A Cheers to your health ~

  3. Melissa Maxwell

    I know this is an old post, but wanted to share what I do with my broth. As I am trying to heal my gut and digestion and am balancing lack of energy with needing LOTS of broth, I bought one of the big, massive plug in roasters, ones that will hold an 18lb turkey and I get whatever clean bones & carcasses I can (turkey, chicken, beef, bison, duck etc.), add celery, onion, sometimes carrot and tons of different dried aromatic herbs. This makes me about 8-10 cups of broth each time. I also try to always include a piece of seaweed like kombu or wakame for more minerals as well as a few pieces of reishi and/or chaga mushrooms.

    Once its all cooled in the fridge, depending on how much fat is on it, I will sometimes skim off the fat if I want to use it to cook with, but if there is not much, I just leave it on. Then the best thing – I freeze it in muffin tins – xlarge tins and regular sized tins for two different sizes. Once these are frozen (I call them my broth "pucks"), I then transfer the pucks to large ziploc bags and use as many as I need to fill whatever size cup I want. I do still sometimes freezer some in larger containers if I know I am going to use it for soup, or if it was a less flavorful batch (meaning I used too much water to make it), but most of the time, I just have several bags of "broth pucks" in my freezer. They are great to have at work when I have to use a microwave as I don't have to take a large container to work. Most workplaces today have a fridge with a freezer so I just take a large zippy bag worth of broth and go to town.

    P.S. Thanks for the salt tip – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my broth super salty and love salt in general and have always added salt to my broth from the start for added flavor…but from now on I will only salt each individual serving.

    Thanks for all you do Terra.

  4. RealEstateInsider247

    Notes from video (watch because lots of good info)
    This "Whole broth" is GRASS FED meet, bones, internal organs, and herbs
    – bone with marrow; knuckle bone is ok
    – meat (with fat); maybe oxtail
    – internal organs like beef liver and heart
    – 3 Organic Herbs >> Oregano, Marjoram, Tarragon
    NO SALT while simmering; only use after cooked (use good mineral sea salt, not refined)
    Ok to consume after 3 hours but 8 hours or more is better; the longer the better
    Strain, add some salt and sip during the day

  5. Tem Hill

    I have the same crock pot. 🙂 I have chicken bone broth cooking now, it's been going about 4 days. I make beef bone broth, too. I use knuckle, ox tail and something like a rib piece. I put them in the crock pot, on high, and let them cook a few hours to get some caramelization….then add water and let it cook. I'll keep it going for a week, drinking it all day. At first I'll replace the broth with water that I drink until a couple days later…then just drink and not add water to keep its flavor. The bones get really well used. I started the GAPS diet over a year ago and have been drinking bone broths since. I think organs are gross but I'll try it your way, maybe put them in cheese cloth so I can pick them out. :))

  6. John Taylor

    Good ideas, adding organs and herbs.  
    You look great in white, really brings out the eyes.
    Do you eat the organs afterwards or has it pretty much been depleted
    of its nutrients by then?  P.S. I have a hard time eating them.

  7. SharpieNail Art

    Glad you cleared this up makes more sense to me . I have done a lot of searching , when I make soups I always start with the whole animal . Everywhere I looked they made theirs (bone broth) with plain roasted bones. I kept questioning that way cause I said Hmm – I believe the meat and fat should be part of this ?
      Yours to me seems to be a much better , more nutrient way 🙂  Love the extra idea of organs too !!     Be well , stay healthy .. Keep your wonderful videos coming .

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