What We Eat In A Day (Paleo)

Here’s our Paleo version of what we eat in a day. We change up our meals often but this is what a typical day looks like.

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31 Replies to “What We Eat In A Day (Paleo)”

  1. Goddess Amber

    never really watched a paleo what i eat in a day.. im used to seeing fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit lettuce bananas etc aka the vegan what i eat in a day's lmao. so this is so different to me especially as a vegan its cool seeing a different type of lifestyle haha. have you ever tried being vegan?

  2. Lady Pip

    Thank you. Really enjoyed the ideas for meals.  I did find the background music repetitious though, and actually became rather annoying in such a long video.  But the content was very good, and helpful.

  3. Myra Aguirre

    it's amazing to see you both glowing and thriving on the Paleo lifestyle. I've watched MANY videos on different "diets", trying to find something that works for me and I have yet to see someone look as lively, healthy, and most importantly happy as you two. thank you for sharing these amazing meals with us! can't wait to try some of them!

  4. John Mallory

    For breakfast I always eat omelette with bread, and for dinner tuna (or something else) with bread. It's hard for me to find something to replace the bread with, because I can't eat it alone. Just like when I eat lunch, what do I replace the rice or potato with?

  5. Savannah Rose Handel

    GET THE VEGAN FUCKTARDS AWAAAAAAAAY! DAMNIT! DO YOU VEGANS EVER TAKE A BREAK FROM TRYING TO ENLARGE YOUR ARMY OF EVEN MORE NAGGING FUCKS? No one likes you, Vegans. Just go away into your hole and eat how you want to and leave others the fuck alone. I'm not telling you how to eat just STFU?

  6. ZanyProductionz

    How do you do paleo without eating meat.  My husband and one of my children are vegetarians, and so buying meat is no longer cost effective.  So, that pretty much means I don't eat meat anymore either!  I haven't searched your channel yet, but do you have any suggestions on a Paleo menu that doesn't include meat?

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